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Nathan Hines on the road

Nathan Hines can really man handle a bike, new video from a trip he did with Rayden Wickop recently from Vancouver to Oregon.

Canadian Classics #2

Rayden Wickop put together this nice piece from a handful of good crew riding some good looking Canadian parks. The line Nathan Hines does at 2.50 is insane!

Nathan Hines advert

If you’ve watched Nathan’s recent video part (or any video part of his for that matter) you know he goes hard. Nathan rocks the 22’s when it comes to cranks which are available now across the world so hit up your local dealer for a set. More info on the cranks here.

Nathan Hines Video

A few months back Nathan Hines spent 5 days in California with Chris Bracamonte. There’s some serious clips in this video that you really need to see.

Nathan Hines in Canadian Classics

Rayden Wickop put together this good video consisting of some great riding from Nathan Hines along with a tonne of crew from Canada.

Nathan Hines video

What a banging way to welcome Nathan to the family! Filmed over the past 5 months around the Vancouver area of Canada.

Filmed and edited by Rayden Wickop.

Nathan Hines footage

Nathan Hines has a bunch of footage in this new Vancouver based mixtape. His bars to rails game is on point.

Welcome to the team: Nathan Hines

Thanks to KEA over in Canada we have a new addition to the team; Nathan Hines is now reppin’ Colony in Vancouver. I saw Nathan ride a few months ago when we were over there and was hyped on his riding and attitude so for this to happen has me stoked. Check out a bike check below and be on the look out for a welcome video in the coming months.

Frame: 20.8 Monash frame.
Forks: Sweet Tooth.
Bars: 8.75 Roaster.
Grips: Colony Much Room.
Headset: Colony.
Post: Colony Pivotal.
Seat: Colony Patch.
Cranks: 175mm 22’s.
Sprocket: Menace Guard.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
Rear Hub: RHD Colony Freecoaster.
Hub Guards: Freecoaster Hub Guard.
Rims: Colony Contour.
Pegs: Anyway Plastic.

Thanks Rayden Wickop for the photos.