Tom Stretton sent in a quick update…

Hey guys,

Just saying g’day and letting you know what I’ve been up to.

Recently I had been filming a lot to finish my edit off. A few good friends and me dug a really cool quarter out at the spillway which I have wanted to do since last summer which was so fun!

Unfortunately, I came off hard on that quarter and fractured my fibula down near my ankle. Nothing too serious and I should be back in about six weeks just in time for some summer fun!

Good news is my edit is all finished filming for. Missed out on two clips I really wanted because I got hurt but I’m still happy with the stuff we have. Look out for that coming real soon.

Huge thanks to Cooper for filming and of course the man Millsy for basically everything ever. Can’t wait for some epic times with the guys through summer.

Peace! – Tom.

broken off t strett

Yo yo !!