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Prody 8 – What Goes On premiere

23 years to the day after Prody 7 was premiered, it’s finally happened.

Featuring riders from all over the planet, it’s a video that will appeal to anyone that loves BMX from the ’80’s, ’90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s & to the current day.

A classic mix of mini ramp, park, flatland, dirt, vert & street riding.

Filmed & edited by Clint Millar.

“Prody 8 – What Goes On” will premiere on the big screen at the Elizabeth Picture Theatre, 175 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane City.

Tickets on sale now with only 130 seats available & as of right now, there are only 25 seats available.

Head to the Family Distribution site or the link here to grab your seat now.

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Chris Courtenay bike build

Chris Courtenay built a fresh Versatil frame up around some banging new product at The Village, check the video for the full build and some riding clips at the end.

Travel Life – Brisbane BTS Video

A few weeks back I spent a week in Brisbane filming with some of the guys. Whilst doing so I shot this behind the scenes video which I think gives you a pretty good insight into the time spent hanging out with the crew. Most of the time spent was with Josh Dove, Chris Courtney and Jayden Fuller but Tom. Clint and Alex all get a show in there as well.

Also check out the Jayden Fuller video that we dropped last week which we finished filming on this Brisbane trip.

Chris Courtenay bike check

Chris Courtenay recently setup a new bike stacked with Colony product. Check the list below along with some detailed images of his rig.

Frame – Sweet Tooth 2017 Trans Metal gold 20.7
Forks – Sweet Tooth.
Bars – Sweettooth 8.8.
Cranks – 22’s in 170mm.
Front wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim.
Rear wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim with alloy driver.
Tyres – Grip Lock 2.35.
Stem – Squareback.
Pedals – Fantastic Plastic.
Seat – CC Combo Tie Dye.
Sprocket – CC sprocket 25 tooth Rainbow.
Brakes – Brethren brakes in Rainbow, Colony upper and lower cables with Colony lever.






Chris & Jayden session The Village

Chris Courtenay and Jayden Fuller session The Village with some great local lines.

Chris Courtenay update

Hey Guys!
If you’ve seen on my social media as of late I’ve caught the YouTube bug haha, been having a blast filming videos for it which you can watch here. I also had the pleasure of shooting photos for the past week with Andras Pentek around Brisbane, which you can checkout below!



Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Jayden Fuller and Nathan Sykes

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A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathantsykes) on

Instavids – Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove

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A video posted by Josh Dove (@dovey03) on

Chris Courtenay update

Yo Guys quick check-in, Just finished up a promo campaign the other week with Sony Mobile which I was stoked to be on board with, got some pretty rad content out of it which should be below. Apart from that, we just did some new upgrades to The Village which are soo much fun to ride, also been putting a bunch of videos up with myself and all the boys on our channel if you guys have some time give them a watch right here. Until next time. Peaceee!




Chris Courtenay video bike check

Chris Courtenay gets a session in at The Village park and Supply whilst showing off the parts that make up his current ride. Waatch more video bike checks right here.

The Village videos

Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove along with our friend Jayden Fuller feature in these recent videos from The Village, check them out.

Chris Courtenay CTS

Chris and some of the local crew at The Village lay down some clips for each other in a game of Calling the Shots.

Chris Courtenay & Josh Dove @ The Village

As you may know Chris opened up The Village park and shop a few months back. Well the crew just dropped this awesome video filmed after hours at the park. The release of the video also ties in with the stores new online shop which you can view right here which of course is stocked full of Colony product.

Wallpaper – Chris Courtenay

ShoalHaven Heads park wasn’t on the itinerary for the Summer of Colony trip but after getting rained out at Kiama we headed south and got lucky with the weather. We had a pretty rad backdrop so I asked Chris to roast something for me and a table was his weapon of choice. Click the images below then right click to download for your desktop wallpaper.



Chris Courtenay update

Hey Guys,

Been a crazy last few months which some of you might already know from the online posts! Anyways I took on a new venture and opened up a Bike Shop/park ‘The Village’ which has been crazy time consuming! But it doesn’t stop there this is just the motivation I’ve needed to do bigger and better things!

Can not wait to start on a new project for your eyes soon and will get the park in there too. For the mean time go check out what I’ve been working on @thevillagebmx and I’ll keep everyone updated on @chriscourtenay! Here’s a few photos to go with my adventures and if your ever around the Brisbane area be sure so come whatup!!!! Chris.




Chris Courtenay bike check

Chris Courtenay‘s bike is stacked with some fresh new parts including the Sweet Tooth line and also Chris’s signature sprocket along with his new signature seat which will be available in the coming weeks. Thanks to Matty Rogers for the riding image.

FRAME: Colony 2016 Sweet Tooth.
FORKS: Colony Sweet Tooth.
BARS: Colony Sweet Tooth.
STEM: Colony Squareback.
HEADSET: Colony.
CRANKS: Colony 22’s.
SPROCKET: CC Sprocket.
PEDALS: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
SEAT: CC Combo.
HUBS: Colony Wasp.
RIMS: Colony Contour on the rear, Pinnacle on the front.
BAR ENDS: Colony Konka.











Chris Courtenay update

Quick check in guys. I Went to the ACTJAM the other weekend with the rest of the team and what an experience that was, such a great vibe & 110% will be back next year, I suggest anyone thinking of going should attend! Apart from that, been cruising around Brisbane riding a bunch. All the homies are out of town at the moment so if your around Brisbane and keen to ride be sure to hit me up! I’m always down. Also got some new web content coming to your eyes soon so keep an eye out. Here’s a few photos to follow my recent adventures.





Chris Courtenay @ Ride On

Seeing as Chris works at Ride On you know he will have some local lines. Peep the video below to see Chris go to work for an hour with the place all to himself. Love that first clip so much…

Filmed by Jason Watts.

Chris Courtenay update

What’s going on guys, I’ve been keeping busy lately between finishing up some filming projects coming out over the next few weeks, working and messing about with my car. Love it. Also now running one of my prototype CC combo seats, absolutely love it and couldn’t be more stoked on how it turned out. I think it’s the ‘happy medium’ between a fat and mid seat. Anyways for now heres a couple photos from the last few weeks.





From the Vault : Chris Courtenay

2013 video from Chris, mostly filmed on a road trip we did between Sydney and North Queensland. Very keen for fresh Courtenay footage…

Chris Courtenay update

Hey Guys,

I’ve been keeping busy as of late trying to finish up a filming project I’ve had going on for the past 6 months can’t wait to show you guys the end result. Apart from that, treated myself to a holiday up to Cairns for a week which is always a treat up there, such an amazing part of QLD. Anyways here are a couple photos from the past few weeks plus one of my fresh 2016 Sweettooth setup which feels amazing too. Holla




Product highlight – Wasp Hub 7075T6 Alloy driver

With the huge success & popularity of our Colony Wasp Cassette Hubs we wanted to offer something to make them even better again.

We’ve had Chris Courtenay test these for over 6 months now & have stood the test of time. We’re proud to offer those who want a further weight saving the choice of a 7075T6 Alloy driver for our Wasp Hubs. Alex Hiam & others on the team all now swear by these drivers.

With half the weight of a CrMo driver & no extra cost (unlike Titanium) these alloy drivers are a great way to save some weight & dollars at the same time. They even make the hubs sound even better if that’s your thing?

Check them out now & available at selected dealers worldwide now.




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Chris Courtenay x Pushys x Colony edit

To celebrate the fact that Pushys are now carrying a full range of our 2015 products, they got together with Chris Courtenay to bring you this special video. Chris went to work for this one filmed in one day after recently taking off his brakes for something different. Looking the goods.

Hit up Pushys now for our full range by clicking here now.


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Chris Courtenay in Scotland

Hey guys, Up in Scotland for the week and BMX is alive and well up here! Seriously some of the best parks I’ve ever rode here! Nass Fest this weekend should be a goodtime!



Chris Courtenay update

Hey guys, been a fair bit happening lately between filming for a new vid and traveling! Currently in the UK for the month riding and hitting a few contests!
Until next time keep your eyes pealed for the new vid.



Set Ups with Chris Courtenay

Chris has been running one of the 2015 Sweet Tooth frames for a couple months now so we thought it was time to put a bike check together.

Chris Courtenay video

Brand new Chris Courtenay video to start your day off! The majority of this was filmed on a trip between Sydney and North Queensland over 3 weeks along with some footage from Chris’s recent time in the USA.

Web Advert – Chris Courtenay

I can’t wait for Chris Courtenay‘s next web video to drop in a couple weeks (which is also in our free dvd). This invert is a good example of what to expect from it.


Off to Brazil

Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay & Clint Millar are off to Brazil this week to meet up with Valvo & ride a mini ramp contest organised with our good mates at Dream BMX. Should be a blast for the guys with a small road trip planned after the event for a few days as well. Look out for updates here while the guys are there.


Wallpapers – Chris & Brandon

We’ve cooked up a couple nice photos for you to download for your desktop background. Brandon Van Dulken with a dialed 1 hand no foot can at Hill n Dale in Melbourne. Then we have Chris Courtenay 1 hand table at Woodgate park up in north Queensland. Download Brandon’s here and Chris’s here.