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Bruno Faucon bike check

Bruno recently built up a fresh Sweet Tooth, seems like the thing to do at the moment.

Frame: Sweet Tooth 21″.
Forks: Sweet Tooth.
Bars: Hardy Bars.
Stem: Square Back.
Headset: Colony
Cranks: 22’s.
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic.
Sprocket: Menace Guard.
Seat: Asphalt.
Post: Colony pivotal.
Front Wheel: Pintour.
Rear Wheel: Pintour Free Coaster.
Pegs: Anyway Plastics.

INSTAVIDS – Hiam, Parker, Faucon & Catanzariti

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Bruno Faucon video

Bruno has been riding for Colony for many years now over in France so it’s always great to see a new video from him. Thanks to Eye Productions for putting this one together for him. Loved the pegs crossover tooth.

Bruno Faucon’s rig

Bruno‘s Monash setup is looking super fresh!


Bruno @ Fise

Bruno has a few clips from the FISE competition that went down a few weeks ago in France…

Bruno Faucon @ Fise

From all accounts Bruno was killing it at the Fise competition over the weekend. You can see more images over on BMX Union that were shot by Chase Davidson.


Bruno Sosh video

Bruno teamed up with Jean Galligani and produced this video entry for the latest Sosh contest. Have a watch then help Bruno out and vote for him by clicking the vote icon on the top left of the video…

Bruno Faucon X Jean Galligani – Sosh Urban… by jean-galligani

Bruno Faucon at Street Line

Bruno features throughout this video from the BMX Avenue Street Line contest which looks like it was a good time. Bruno scored 3rd in best trick for 2 of the rail comps which was great to see.

Bruno Faucon video

The guys from Unleaded over in France just dropped this video of Bruno which is a good watch! Thanks to Romain Ventre for putting it together.

Bruno at BLR street jam

Bruno recently hit up the BLR street session over in France. BLR is a dope shop who stock all the Colony parts so hit them up! Photo by