A Month In The Life Of – World Premiere

If you’re going to be in Vegas for Interbike this coming week & wanna check out our new roadtrip DVD – A Month In The Life Of – then come to the Tip Plus booth 5151.
Starts around 3.30pm (loosely) on Thursday 27th September & we will have the world premiere showing.

Tip will also have the new Primo roadtrip DVD showing too. If these are still not enough reasons to come along then we will also have a keg of beer as well… now I got your attention hey?


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Ryan’s new backyard ramp

Here is a video from featuring a BBQ session Ryan had to break in his new backyard ramp a couple weekends ago. Enjoy.

Pick your colour…

Take your pick on your colour for our Pivotal Seatposts for 2008. The Black, Pale Red & Pale Blue will be available throughout 2008. While the Purple is the first of 4 limited edition colour releases for 2008. These will be available worldwide in November.

All our alloy products will be available in these colours shown for your colour coordination needs.


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It’s finally freaking done…

Our first DVD release, A Month In the Life Of, is finally done… I have just spent a marathon 5 days locked inside my house editing away & will be sending the masters off for duplication this weekend.

Over the last 7 months in between my busy travel schedule, I have edited 38 hours of footage into a 39 min DVD plus 13 minutes of bonus footage. It will be in stores late October / early November at the latest depending where you live on this planet.

The DVD has a relaxed roadtrip lifestyle vibe to it & you can check a short teaser I did for it here.


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WTF is this?

Is pretty much what I thought the first time I saw it too… Tim Wood’s roll-in on his backyard vert ramp. Damn vert riders… what are they thinking? Seriously. More in the coming weeks from Tim.


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More of the Hell Stallion


In case you were too lazy to click on the link to I have posted here some more pics of Liam’s current Stallion… enjoy. Many thanks to Nick Gascoine for the pics.



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Liam’s Hell Stallion…

Head on over to & check out Liam’s prototype Hell Stallion all built up… looks pretty darn good I say. While you’re there check out Liam’s video section up there… it’s a huge 110meg file but worth the wait… trust me. Thanks to Nick Gascoine for the bike check pics…


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Oneway Pegs… getting around.


Our Colony Oneway pegs are turning up on all kinds of riders bikes & other companies product lines of late. Besides the whole Colony team who runs our pegs we have companies like Mirraco spec’ing some of their bike ranges with our renowed light weight design.

For 2008 you will see Ryan’s Mirraco Black Pearl Ltd with our pegs as well as Dave Mirra’s Blend Ltd & their new smaller sized Project bikes for kids with our Oneway patented design pegs. All these Mirraco bikes are limited to 100 production bikes. You will also see the Sect & Bloody Oath complete bikes from ourselves with these on them as standard for 2008 which are limited to 75 bikes for the world each.

Why you may ask? Well it’s simple. They are some of the lightest, unique designed pegs on the market today. The simple fact that they are thinner on the top & thicker on the bottom where you need it makes them a pure winner for the weight consicious riders out there. Check the diagram here for what I mean.


They may be a little hard to find but that will soon change as our 2008 line is about to ship worldwide. Expect to see them back in stock at a shop near you sometime late in October.

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Backyard BBQ at Ryan’s

Ryan sent me a quick email on what he has been up to & his weeks ahead…

What’s up?… Yesterday I had a backyard BBQ and we all rode my new ramp. Everyone came
out, it was a good time. A friend filmed the lot and its going to be on later this week as a spot check, should look good. Only a few more days till I fly out to Salt Lake City for Dew Tour and then Vegas for Interbike, then I come home for Ryan Nyquist’s wedding, should be cool a time. Well enjoy the photos.



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MVP Frame out soon…

Dave Freimuth’s MVP frame will soon be shipping along with all our 2008 frames, including the Bloody Oath & new Sect. Check the products section for more details but here are some pics of the final MVP frame. The Purple shown is our first limited edition colour & will only be offered once on our frames. Get them while they last… All our 2008 frames are Full Post Heat Treated & should be available in most countries late October.







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Ryan’s new bike…

Ryan sent me some pics of his new bike he just built up… looks awesome. His Mirraco Black Pearl Limited Bike for ’08 will have much the same colour scheme & loaded up with heaps of Colony parts.



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One for the flatlanders

The 3rd Annual IVF Open day is set for September 30th down in Melbourne. Flatlanders from all over the country are expected to attend & Colony are supporting the event with a few giveaways.
Should be a good day I am sure. Thanks to Ross D for the heads up about the event.


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A Month In The Life Of – DVD

It’s been too long in the making due to my busy travel schedule but it’s finally getting closer to a reality. ‘A Month In The Life Of’ the roadtrip DVD, will soon be out.

The entire Colony pro team spent close to a full month on the road from Brisbane to Sydney for a couple of comps then over to New Zealand’s South Island for a week of relaxing & riding before finishing up at the X-Air comp in Wellington. We also had a very special guest in the way of Dave Osato.

I have been very busy trying to get as much editing done as possible while I am home. We will have a small mini premiere at Interbike in Vegas, in a few weeks at the Tip Plus booth on the Thursday afternoon of Interbike.

It will be available in shops hopefully sometime in October.

I have been getting used to this view of my desk & computer a lot of late…

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Clocked In DVD premiere October 19th

FocalPoint BMX Magazine are having their long awaited DVD premiere October 19th in Melbourne. Check the flyer or their website for more info…

Look out for sections from our own Liam Fahy-Hampton & Mick Bayzand… word.


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Who says BMX doesn’t pay?

Some say that it doesn’t but Nick Richardson may think otherwise. Check out his first car he bought entirely on his Bloody Oath Bar royalties from us here at Colony. Pretty farkin’ shweet if you ask me…haha. It’s a Ford Falcon EB ’92 model complete with alloy wheels, it’s lowered, got aircon & even a CD player !! Talk about high rolling !! Seriously though, Nick is very happy to have his first car. Even though, it makes me a little sad that I wont need to drive him around everywhere now.


Just for comparison, on the other end of the scale, we have one of Ryan’s many cars… a rather pimped out Chrysler 300C. Maybe BMX really does pay?


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Hell Stallion by Mick Bayzand

Here are the first pics of a Hell Stallion built up & ready for testing by Mick Bayzand. I will post pics of Liam’s personal ride soon enough… keep an eye on this space.

Thanks to Cooper Brownlee for the pics…

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‘Well if this ain’t the cats meow!’

Buzzy shit happens when you open your eyes and look hard! Why am I typing this? Well, myself, Wazman and Zombie Mike went on a bit of a ‘joint’ this weekend, to our favourite pie shop, I’m not gonna give away its location, that’s a secret, but it’s somewhere between Auckland and Wellington, thats all I’m going to say! Anyways, I really needed to use the porcelain throne, so we pulled over in the middle of no where, and off I went, only to wonder a bit further down the road and come across the proverbial ‘cats meow’!!
We did a little bit more exploring and low and behold, our exploring was rewarded with what I can best sum up as probably one of the best ‘natural’ spots I’ve ever seen! Take a squizz at the pics, but they don’t do it justice, wallrides, bank to walls, sub boxes, transitioned wall, this place has it all, except for the jump box in the middle! Ha, thank goodness!
All really good size as well! We hungout there for a while and took it all in, I took some navagational readings with my mobile GPS unit, so that we know exactly where this bohemoth sleeps. We will be going back with shovels and brooms once summer arrrives, so I’ll def get some pics of that! Just goes to show that if you stray off the broken path looking for a place to go number two’s, you never know what you will find!

In other random news, got me new Colonic hubs built up, dang! These are prototypes, but are pretty much spot on! Thanks to Dagger at Hedgehog Takapuna for the build, not too sure when these suckers are avaliable, but all you need to know is that they’re light, light, have a buzzy colony logo laser etched into them, and they make your bike go fast!


Peta in Vancouver

Peta Shepherd has been in Vancouver now for a few weeks & her trip is coming to an end soon. She sent me this quick email with a few cool pics.

Hey hows it going? I’m having the best time in Van, but I only have a week left before a long flight home 🙁 My trip has gone way to fast. I have ridden so many amazing parks, trails and street, and love it here so much. Here are a few pics, enjoy 🙂



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Hell Stallion update…

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature street frame, the Hell Stallion, is now getting tested by Liam & Mick Bayzand on the streets of Melbourne. If you happen to see them around, take the time to check out their rides.

Liam’s girlfriend did these graphics & the stickers will be modelled off these.

Here are some details on the frame itself…

Head Angle : 75.5
Seat Angle : 71.0
BB Height : 11.5″
Top Tube Sizes : 20.85 & 21.25″
Rear End : 13.75″
Weight : 4.73lbs (20.85) 4.76lbs (21.25)
Features : Low slung top tube design with steep head tube angle
Seat tube height is 7″ centre of BB to centre of Top Tube (most frames 8″)
Full Post Heat Treated like all 2008 Colony frames
Laser cut 5mm dropouts with CNC detail like all 2008 Colony frames
Extra thick Down Tube & Chain stays to resist denting
Steep head tube angle for more responsive front wheel tricks

The Hell Stallion will not be available until early to mid 2008. Some details may change depending on Liam’s personal preferences & thoughts during testing.
I will post pics of their built up bikes soon… so check back in the next few days.



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Arts & crafts…

Angela Dobbie sent me a pic of her little arts & crafts bracelet she made… pretty cool I thought. Enjoy !!


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