Valvo steps down from the team

Today is a sad, sad day. Our great long term friend Henrique “Valvoline” Castro, has decided to step down from the team & take a back seat on BMX in general. Saying he needs to focus his life in different directions & concentrate on the more serious things in life. He also says he would rather give his spot on the team to a new, younger rider in Brazil who has more energy than he does for BMX right now. I expect you will still see him on a bike around but just not in the public eye as much.

It will feel empty not hearing from him with his travels in Brazil but I guess all good things do come to an end eventually. It’s been a great time having him on the team over the past 4 years or more my friend. You’re family for sure & this news has taken us all by shock. We are going to miss you mate !!

Click here to check out all the news posts from Valvo over the years. Thanks for the good times mate !!

Keep an eye on our site here as we work with Dream BMX in Brazil to find a new team rider. News soon we hope !!




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Valvo clip

Valvo sent through this video that Rafael Bueno put together of him riding down in Belo Horizonte.

More from Valvo

I’ve been getting some great emails from Valvo lately with some nice shots. These are from a recent trip he took to Belo Horizonte-MG in Brazil.




Valvo update

Valvo sent in an update from Brazil…

This week I’m out of São Paulo (my city). I decided going to Belo Horizonte-MG, for a little trip and make a visit to my friend André Delgado, He’s local and know’s all the spots. So good because after recovering from a hand injury he’s back in the game again.



Valvo is the man…

Valvo is the man in Brazil. He is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet & a gun on a bike. Check out his latest edit filmed in Brazil by Felipe Correa. Stoked on this one.

Dream BMX in Brazil hold things down for us down there & are BMX through & through. Much love as always to Marcelo & Andre.

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Valvo update

Valvo just shot through an update…

After Votorantim Dirt Contest, My focus was on the (Bmx Masters) in the Germany.

before I had been given application for visa renewal into the U.S. but has not been approved to date, and for worse situation, my passaport stayed inside the U.S Cônsul. I can’t travel for a while.
For one time I felt so much frustration.

Now I can’t travel so I started the gym tog et stronger for riding .. I had fixed some parts of my trails and Skatepark and back in my projects on my web videos.

I got some shots with my friend Renan Souza X Polaroid Underground.
In my local spots .. Then I did with my crew a new kick on 45º is fun to ride.

Valvo limited edition 2013 Teddy Frame colourway

We are stoked to be able to hook Valvo up with a signature colourway of the 2013 Teddy frame. There is only 10 of these available, most of which are over in Brazil via Dream Bmx so get in quick before they are sell out! There are a couple of these frames available in Australia as well, so act fast if you want a unique colour way Teddy frame.

Valvo update…

Our good friend Valvo just sent through this nice shot that Renan Souza took. With the bad weather in Brazil right now Valvo missioned it a few hours to ride this indoor park to keep himself active. if you haven’t seen the exclusive Brazil seat we did check here.

Valvo’s trails

BMX20 posted this video of Valvo and his friends going through a day in the life at their trails. Th setup they have with the park right next to it is pretty amazing…

Product highlight – Valvo Seat

We worked together with Valvo & the guys at Dream BMX in Brazil to bring out a Valvo signature seat exclusive for the Brazilian market. A small hand full are also available in Australia. Much like Valvo’s riding, it’s very smooth & stylish. Check one out at your nearest Colony dealer. They were only made in limited quantities so act quick.

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Guettler and Valvo 10 clips!

Ryan Guettler & Henrique ‘Valvo’ Castro recently had a session at some trails in Brazil & this was the end result. A fun & relaxed day at the trails documented professionally by Tico.
Thanks to Tico, Dream BMX, Ryan & Valvo.

Valvo bike check

Valvo sent through some nice photos of his current dialed set-up.

Valvo EAL

Valvo worked on a web video with the EAL crew based out of Sao Paulo in Brazil. I love how Valvo is such a diverse rider.

Valvo update

Valvo sent through this photo that his friend Marcelo Rios shot in downtown São Paulo, Brazil. Valvo should have a new edit coming out in the coming weeks.

Valvo 360 invert

Quick one of Valvo at the trails over in Brazil.

Valvo update

Valvo sent through an update from Brazil where he tells us the weather has improved and he has been riding and filming hard. This bowl looks amazing with a perfect setting for photos. Thanks to Flavio Freire for the photos.

Valvo checks in.

Valvo has been busy filming for his latest web video. Here is a quick shot that Flavio Freire took for him.

Valvo checks in

Valvo recently went on a bit of a trip and he sent through this update from it…

“I went on a trip in Londrina-Paraná, my friends have a good bike shop in the city called OpenBikeShop, they invited me to a Mini ramp session inside of the Shop. We had a jam and bunnyhop contest and it was really fun day.

The day before I went to the Kamaka trails, probably the best trails I’ve been to in Brazil. I just want say thanks for all local’s put some hard work there.”

Valvo is one busy guy

Valvo just sent through an update, he seems to travel more then anyone I know…

“This month was so busy, I was a judge at the Old School and Flow Bmx Contest then I went on a big trip to do some Dirt Demos, it was sick! 20 thousand people at the event it was really crazy.

I arrived home a week ago but I’m waiting for weather to get better, so I can get back to filming my edit.

Next week I going to a little trip with ESPN Brazil to One New Bike Shop, it will be a big Jam session at the new ramps over there, it will be fun.”

Valvo’s first ride

You might have seen a couple of days ago we posted up a bike check with Valvo, well thanks to Felipe Correa you can see that bike getting set up and Valvo hitting up his local with his new ride. Thanks for putting this together Felipe

Valvo’s new setup.

One of the nicest people you will ever meet, Valvo from Brazil sent over some shots of his new setup. Thanks to Felipe Correia for the photos.

Frame: Teddy V2
Fork: Dagger
Bars: Bull bars
Stem: Official
Grips: Much Room
Bar Ends: Konka
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colonial V2
Sprocket: Official Sprocket 25T
BB: Colony Mid
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Contour Female Axle
Rear Wheel: Contour Male Axle LHD
Front Hub guards: Clone x 2
Rear Hub guard: Clone
Tyres: Agenda
Tubes: Hidden Agenda
Pegs: One Way
Seat: No Dig No Ride
Post: Colony Pivotal

Valvo footage

Valvo makes plenty of appearances in this trip video from our friends over in Brazil, Dream Bmx. Looks like a good vibe throughout the whole trip.

Ryan Guettler & Valvo – Ten Clips

Late last year while we were down in Adelaide for a team trip, both Ryan & Valvo filmed for this joint ten clips. The guys had a blast doing so & it shows in the riding. Both were in their element on these trails, check it out.

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Valvo video interview

Valvo has a video interview from his trip in Australia late last year. Check it out, some really good riding from Valvo on a small sample of the many parks we have on offer. Just get your translation on if you wanna know what he is saying. Filmed & edited by Chris Lembo.

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Valvo – Ten Clips V2

Another 10 clips edit from Valvo. This was from an afternoon down at Browns Plains park which Valvo had never seen before but seemed to really enjoy. It must have been 40 degree’s this day but it still all worked out.

Valvo at the trails

Valvo sent through this edit his friend Felipe Corrêa created. It’s really well fimed and edited and Valvo kills it! Valvo can ride anything.

Valvo edit.

Valvo filmed an edit back home over the past few weeks with Digno which came out pretty good, Valvo’s got pop!

Wallpaper: Valvo

It’s a new year so lets spice things up a bit, the first in a bunch of desktop wallpapers we will be putting together. This one features Valvo whilst he was in Australia, blasting the vert wall at Browns Plains.

Download here for widescreen and here for standard size screens.

Valvo update

Valvo is back in Brazil after staying in Australia for a little while but it seems he has been going at it full ball since he has been back. He is working on more edits so keep an eye out in the coming months. And if you missed it check Valvo’s ten clips edit here.

Valvo – Ten Clips!

Valvo who was recently in Australia filmed a bunch with us while he was here. This was the first time we filmed together and it was a blast. Filmed at Hibiscus Park in Brisbane, Australia.