Prody One (1994)

Clint has started uploading the old Prody series of videos that he produced many moons ago…

Filmed throughout 1993 & released in early 1994 with only 10 VHS copies released at the time.

Featuring riding from all over Australia but mainly evolving around the Brisbane BMX scene.
At a time in BMX when rider numbers were at an all time low, the passion & love for BMX was stronger than ever though. If you saw another BMXer, you instantly knew they were into BMX as much as you were. BMX at it’s purest.

Featured riders include – Clint Millar, Michael Canfield, Tim Wood, Dan Dalton, Ross Lavender, Marty Jarret, Brad McDonald along with a slew of others.

Edited using the old Video8 camera to VHS recorder way. Well before the computer age of today, it’s basic & raw in nature.

Clint Millar “Prody” Bike Check

Clint Millar’s current ride… “I’ve had this bike for just over 2 years now. Love it. Best bike I’ve ever had. Feels perfect, looks rusty as but love the patina. I don’t ever use the platform but it’s awesome to look down and see it. Front and back brakes and 4 pegs till I’m done.

Frame: Prody Lite prototype 20.6″ in Raw
Fork: Sweet Tooth 25mm offset with mounts.
Bars: Hardy V2 Bars
Grips: Much Room
Bar Ends: Konka
Stem: Colony Variant from the museum
Headset: Colony
Detangler: RX3 Rotary with cables to suit
Front Brakes: Brethren
Rear Brake: Brethren
Levers: Brethren
Cranks: Venator prototypes in 170mm
BB: Colony 22mm MID
Sprocket: Colony Metria 25T
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Nipples & Wasp Lite Hub in Black, Spectra Ti spokes.
Rear Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow NipplesWasp Lite Cassette RHD in Black Spectra Ti spokes.
Tyres: Griploack LITE 2.2″
Pegs: Anyway Plastic (sleeves removed)
Hub guards: Plastic Front, Rear Plastic
Seat: Nathan Sykes Shred Pivotal.
Seat Post: Colony Pivotal

2017 Prody frame video

Quick little insight into the 2017 Prody frame. You can view all the spec here.

Custom Prody

The guys over at Backbone BMX recently set-up this dialled looking custom Prody which you can read more about and even purchase it right here.


Prody Frame perspective…

Shane Badman organised this interesting interview with Ross D Lavender about his Prody Frame build & some back ground on the original frames & the history around them. Well worth a read, click here now to check it out on the Flatland Australia website.

Our limited edition Prody Frames are available now worldwide… click here to read more about them.


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Colony Prody in Rainbow at Lux BMX

We teamed up with the guys at Lux BMX to bring out this very special one of a kind Prody custom complete bike. Only one on the planet & available to purchase right now. Check it out !!


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Prody Frames are arriving…

The 20 year anniversary Prody Frames have arrived in the USA & will be here in Australia early May. The UK will also land these later in May. These frames are a special throwback to a very small run of frames Clint Millar had built back in the early ’90’s under the name of Prody.

2020 BMX Magazine did an interview with Clint about the release of these & you can read it online here now. Check it out.



Product preview – 20 year anniversary Prody Frame

Back in the day, way before Colony ever existed, Clint Millar had a few frames made under the name of Prody. This was back in 1993/1994 when it was pretty much impossible to get a frame that would not break in a few weeks. So him & another friend, Michael Canfield, enlisted the help of a local Brisbane based frame builder called G&J Cycles to make them the ideal frame. Hence the Prody Frame was born.

Built to withstand any punishment that could be thrown at them back then, they were robust. Till this day, not one ever cracked or broke. Only 4 frames were ever made so they were very limited.

Fast forward 20 or so years & we have here the all new Prody frame. It features that classic early ’90’s look but with all of today’s finer features like modern geometry, Mid BB & Integrated headset. These new frames are only about 200 grams heavier than our current frames now, not bad at all.

Both Clint Millar & Bobbie Altiser are amongst a select few riding these frames right now & so far feedback has been very favourable.

These limited frames will be made available come late April in the USA, Australia & the UK. They will be offered in Gloss Black, Chrome Plated & ED Red in sizes 19.0″ & 20.6″

Only 100 will be made & each will be numbered. Contact your favourite Colony Dealer now to pre-book yourself a piece of Australian BMX history.

Click here now for all info & spec details on these limited edition, soon to be collector’s edition frames.







Colony Oz-One Frame

Well since posting some pics on Instagram of this little project we have been working on for a year or so, it looks like we almost broke the internet. Very pleased to see the amazing response the Oz-One has received.

The Oz-One takes inspiration from a golden period of BMX & brings it in a modern, rideable package that will surely bring smiles to those riding one.

Geometry will be very close to the Prody Frame that we make, also an inspired frame from years gone by. Available in three size choices… 19.5″, 20.5″ & 21″ in White over Chrome only.

Hit up your favourite Colony dealer now to pre-book your stake to an instant classic & collectable BMX frame now.

The guys at LUX BMX have some awesome photos (thanks for them here guys) as well as a cool blog entry about the Colony Oz-One on their site.

You can also pre-book one now on their site as well here.

We will building up this sample here in the weeks ahead, as my own personal bike, so watch this space for that !!

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Clint Millar bike check

Clint recently setup a fresh new Prody frame stacked with Colony parts, check the images and parts list below.

Frame: 2017 Prody 20.6″ in Brownston one off colour
Fork: Division Valhalla with mounts (one off pair)
Bars: Hardy Bars
Grips: Much Room
Bar Ends: Konka
Stem: Official
Headset: Colony with adjustable spacer
Detangler: RX3 Rotary with cables to suit
Front Brakes: Brethren
Rear Brake: Brethren
Levers: Brethren
Cranks: 22’s 165mm
BB: Colony 22mm MID
Sprocket: Colony Cadiz 25T
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Spokes & Wasp Hub in Black
Front Tyre: Agenda 2.15″
Rear Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Spokes & Wasp Cassette RHD in Black with Alloy Wasp Driver
Rear Tyre: Agenda 1.9″
Pegs: Anyway Plastic (sleeves removed)
Hub guards: Wasp front & rear
Seat: Alex Hiam Fat Combo











Paddy Gross update

Hello everyone! Hope you’ll are doing good and having fun riding your bikes. The winter in this part of the USA is moving closer and luckily I have “the Lumberyard” Indoor bike park to ride. Next to work, my misses and our 3 cats, I am spending quite a fair amount of time on my bike and keep working on my to do list. This list is pretty much a mix of tricks from back in the 90’s and Ideas I’ve had in the 90’s and about 15 years later I now try to finish unfinished business. It’s fun to create new combos and tricks and it feels a bit funny knowing the guy next to me is working on flair bar to whip while I am trying to 540 nosepick on a subbox. I am doing my own thing here and don’t really have anyone riding frontbrakes but the people I ride with are having a good time watching how BMX looked like 20 years ago haha. Since Clint & Keith hooked me up with the “Prody” frame I also got back into riding flatland again which definitely helps me with my balance and it’s fun on top of it. The frame is amazing and just looking at my bike makes so excited to ride everytime! I feel honored and lucky to ride one of those and this is the bike now that fulfills all my wants and needs. Well this is it for now and I’ll stop by again. I am not too much of a social media person but I still want to thank you for all the “likes” and kind words for what I am doing. I really appreciate it! All the best and have fun riding your bike!

Thanks to Eddie Braks for the photos.



Clint & Keith Bike checks

Pop over to the Snake Bite website to check bike checks/interviews with both Clint and Keith. Both the guys are on some interesting setups. Check them here





New Products – Trans Purple frame kits.

We just received the new limited colour for the frame kits which is this Trans Purple. It looks super good and I can picture it working real well with some polished parts around it. These are now available in both Australia and the USA but in very limited numbers so jump on this asap if you are into it. More images right here.





Paddy Gross update

Hey everyone,
I hope you all are doing good and life is treating you well! It’s been a little while since my last check in and I thought I’d stop by real quick and say hello. I am still residing in Portland, Oregon and not too many things have changed. I stopped working for the Outer Rim bike shop because my other job became too busy to keep both. I am still going in to help here and there but I am not involved as much anymore. The shop became another focal point for BMX and Colony in Portland and I am happy for them.

Since my shift changed from 6am-2:30pm I found a lot more time to ride and work off my ‘to do’ list. I am loving the frontbrakebrethren and keep watching my BMX videos from ages ago. I will be going to the Baco Jam in Wisconsin in October together with Bobbie Altiser and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I am also hoping to finally meet Dave Freimuth to at least say thanks after all these years for getting me into technical riding. I remember seing Axel Reichertz doing a nosepick on out self build quarterpipe and being blown away. A little bit after Axel showed me Baco 5 and that was my moment of truth and I knew that this was the type of riding I wanted to pursue after seing Dave Freimuth doing the most ridicolous tech tricks.

I am also going to build up my new prody frame which is at a powder coating place as we speak. I feel honored and can’t wait! Other than working and riding I spend time with my lovely wife and our three cats. We will be moving soon a little bit away from the city which I am very happy about because it’s just too much noise and I’d like to breathe a bit more actual air than exhaust gases. Last but not least I am working on a new edit. That’s it for now! Thank you for reading, stay healthy, have fun riding your bike and enjoy yourselves. Much love to you all! Cheers, -Paddy

Paddy Rocket Cancan Nosepick

Have Fun, Ride Bikes with Patrick Kelly

A very strong supporter for Colony & all round good guy, Patrick Kelly has just dropped an awesome edit featuring some great riding on a Prody Frame & some great use of the front brake. We’re keeping the front brake dream alive one bike at a time !! Enjoy.

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Bike check – Clint Millar

Clint Millar recently put together a prototype 2016 model Prody Frame for his brand of mini ramp riding.

There a few changes on this Prody Frame over last years special limited edition release. Namely chain stay mounted brakes being the biggest change but still plenty of room with 25-9T gearing for brakes. The production frames will have a few small changes again from this sample here giving a different look in detail again.

Clint’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: 2016 Prody 20.6″ in Mint
Fork: Guardian with mounts
Bars: Hardy Bars
Grips: Much Room
Bar Ends: Konka
Stem: Official
Headset: Colony with adjustable spacer
Detangler: RX3 Rotary with prototype cables to suit
Front Brakes: Transformer
Rear Brake: Transformer
Levers: Transformer V2 levers
Cranks: 22’s 170mm
BB: Colony 22mm MID
Sprocket: 2016 Colony Cadiz sample 25T
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Spokes & Wasp Hub in Rainbow
Front Tyre: Agenda 2.15″
Rear Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Spokes & Wasp Cassette RHD in Rainbow with Alloy Wasp Driver
Rear Tyre: Agenda 1.9″
Pegs: Anyway Plastic (sleeves removed)
Hub guards: Wasp front & rear
Seat: Shield Fat Combo

New items like the 2016 Prody Frame & the Cadiz Sprocket will be available worldwide from August onwards.










Polly bike check

Polly has been running this Prody set-up for a while now and I finally got a chance to shoot some photos of it. Stacked with our product including the Hardy 4 piece bars, our prototype gyro and Guardian Forks with mounts.








Bobbie Altiser bike check

Bobbie Altiser set-up a new Prody Frame this week with a swag of all our newest parts. Loving the classic look of Gloss Black with Chrome. Check it out below.





Polly update

The weathers starting to come good down here and the days are getting longer so after work sessions are starting to TURNT up again!

I built up a Prody frame a month or 2 ago, loaded with brakes and pegs and have been riding a heap and getting clips together for my Colony edit that’s gonna come out soon!


Product highlight – Contour Rims in Chrome

It’s been a while since I have ran chrome rims but I am so stoked to be doing so again. For me with front & back brakes, it makes the whole braking experience so much better. Plus it gives my Prody frame that little bit of mid school feel. You can now grab our Contour Rims in chrome plate at all good Colony dealers worldwide.



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Dropouts 2014 BMXhibition

We’ve got behind a BMXhibition set for this weekend in Brisbane City. Check the flyer for details. There will be a good selection of BMX bikes & items on display from all eras of BMX history.

There will also be a very special one off Rainbow Prody custom bike that you may have seen some sneak peeks of on our Instagram? Should be well worth the visit. It all opens tomorrow night.



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Bobbie Altiser bike check

Bobbie has a real good bike check interview over on the Vital BMX website which you can check out right here…

The Prody Frame that Bobbie is riding is now becoming available in selected retailers in the USA & Australia with the UK to follow soon.


Something special…

More on this soon…

prodylong bmx

New arrivals in the USA

We have just received a fresh new shipment in the USA with a few new items such as our Free Coaster Wheels & Free Coaster Hubs in the very popular Rainbow colour way. The wheels are laced to our Contour Rim in Black with either the Rainbow or a Black hub. Both wheels & hubs area available in RHD or LHD.

The first drop of Prody Frames for the planet, have also arrived in the USA & we couldn’t be more stoked. The platform is back !!

Expect to see these wheels, hubs & frames available at USA based retailers in the next week or so. So hit them up soon.

Other countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada, Brazil, China & Russia will receive theirs in the weeks ahead.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

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Set Ups with Clint Millar

Clint has been running the Prody Frame prototype for a while now with no problems. Along with the 4 piece Hardy Bars he has some fresh products stacked on his current ride. Hit the flip book below for a detailed look at his set up.

Product update – Hardy Bars

We have some 4 piece bars coming out later this year called Hardy Bars. They will compliment the Prody frames we have coming out soon but more on those later.

The Hardy Bars will feature a multi-butted post heat treated CrMo construction. They will have an 8.65″ ride with a 28″ width. 10.5 degrees back sweep with 2 degrees up sweep. A few guys on the team are running them now including Tom Stretton who is loving them.

Here are a few teaser shots of the bars for now. They will be out mid this year. By the way, it’s Hardy the puppy’s one year birthday today. Happy birthday little fella !!


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Unscene History almost here…

Ross D Lavender has been hard at work for a few years now on this exhibit he has planned & it’s almost here. October 26th & 27th are the dates for it all to be revealed & I for one cannot wait. If you have any interest in the history of freestyle BMX in Brisbane, Australia from 1985-1995 then get yourself there. Click here for full details now.

You will also get to see a very cool new Colony frame release at the exhibit which is set for release in the first half of 2014. Plus get to see throughout the weekend the Prody series of videos playing via DVD.


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Old school BMX show

On the weekend we had the old school BMX show here in Brisbane & it was a great time for sure. So many great old memories came rushing back & it was cool to see some old faces as well. Check out the pics from the day & get a taste of what it was like to ride in years so long ago, or so it seems? There were bikes from some of the greats of the past & some of the less known from back in the day. An old school flatland jam also busted out with many tricks that have been almost forgotten. 


Before Colony there was Prody.

Ross Lavender & myself with our Prody frames & Rob Lewis with a funky chicken.

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