Tanguy Labertrande Bike CheckAll images courtesy of Jeremy Gonzales.

Tanguy Labertrande Bike Check

All images courtesy of Jeremy Gonzales.

What is your favourite part on your bike and why?

My favourite part on my bike is my Colony Monash frame because the frame is really responsive and the geometry are perfect for my riding style!

How are you with bike maintenance? Do you usually build and fix your bike or does someone help you?

I build everything myself because I like to do it.

Do you do any modifications to your setup to suit yourself?

I cut my bar a little bit, and I use a lot of spacers

Why do you run so many stack washers?

I use a lot of spacers because I like to have my bar really high which make me more comfortable on my bike.

How come you prefer a Freecoaster over a cassette?

I always wanted to try a Freecoaster because it’s open new possibility of tricks and combo, but I also keep my cassette to switch when I want too.

Colony Freecoaster / Colony 22’s cranks / Colony Wasp front hub / Colony Pintour rims / Colony CC Combo seat.

Nose manual 360 at a new park in Marignane, France.

Colony Square Back stem / Colony Headset.

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Watch below for Tanguy’s welcome to Colony video.