Q&A with Jourdan BarbaImages shot by Cooper Brownlee

Q&A with Jourdan Barba

You recently released a new Colony video part, what was your favourite clip in the section?

My favourite clip was that last clip I’ve been looking at that set up for a couple years and it was something I really wanted to get checked off!

Do you prefer trying to get a more technical clip or one that is more a case of sending it like your last clip?

I prefers more send it type banger clip but it’s very satisfying to land a technical line after many devastating attempts!

What was the hardest clip to film for it?

The hardest clip was the long double on the kinked rail not only did it take me a hundred try’s but we got the boot by security half way threw and half of the crew tricked the security by leaving and distracted the security while me, Cooper and Chris stayed to get the clip in the hot summer heat it was a long battle but worth it!


The heat and security wasn’t going to stop JB get this clip.

How’s the family? Do you find it hard to ride constantly whilst having 2 kids and a full time job?

The family is doing good the boys love riding their balance bikes so it’s awesome to be able to take them to skateparks and help them accomplish there own personal goals it’s rad to see them get stoked when they bomb a bank or big hill! It’s not as hard as you would think to balance out work, family,and riding my wife Katherine is awesome and knows it’s important for me to ride at least 3 to 4 times a week the hardest part is find time for sleep lol!

Where have you been enjoying riding lately?

I just love riding anything as long as I’m with the crew it’s always a good time!

Every time I ride with your local crew, they can all hop on any rail put in front of them, is that just something you guys just do constantly? 

Yeah my crew (wolbcrew) is unique, everyone is very talented in their own way and we can all ride street, park and trails. Be on the look out for our first web edit coming soon!

What’s the meaning behind the crew name “Wolbcrew” ?

It all started when we all realized that we enjoyed riding with each other and wanted to start a crew we where all coming up with different names when the 2 Chainz song came on “watch out” we where all vibng hard and the rest is history! So wolb is  abbreviated for “watch out lil bitch” haha.

Favourite road trip you’ve been on?

My favourite road trip would be when I went to Australia and we traveled to all of the different cities and seen all the awesome parks and met a lot of rad dudes!


What artists have you been listening to lately:

I’ve been listening to Pandora a lot, many old school rap and reggae music!

Tell us about Stacked BMX:

Stacked is a all BMX shop located in Riverside that provides customers with the best products and brands at the lowest prices! Owned by street OG Larry Alvarado. Stacked a always hosting street rides so if your in the SoCal area check us out!

I know you love burrito’s where’s the best spot people should go for a good one?

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of Castenadas Mexican food in Riverside and of course Chipotle Mexican grill.

Photogenic spot that had Jourdan’s name all over it.

Perfect rooftop gap setup.