Q&A WITH JACK KELLYPhotos shot by Cooper Brownlee


How is your knee feeling after your recent knee reconstruction?

It’s not bad, I haven’t got 100% of my movement back yet but it’s not stopping me from riding at this point so it’s fine.

Favourite video part you’ve filmed? And why.

Probably the part I filmed while I was in California because it was the only time I’ve ever been able to take a month off work to just focus on riding and I think I progressed the fastest I ever had in that month and was an incredible time all together.

What bands you’ve been listening to lately:

Rap/hip hop wise: the new schoolboy Q, Flatbush Zombies, Post Malone, $uicide boy$, Bodega Bamz, too many to list really but those are a few recent ones.

Metal wise: Black Tongue, King Conquer, Body Snatcher & The Air I Breathe.

I know you love riding rails, why’s that? Also any tips for younger dudes wanting to get their rail game on?

I just love the possibilities with rails, so many combinations to think about and my favourite tricks usually involve rails. As for kids wanting to do more rails, hand rails I presume, just don’t over think it by doing 500 run-ups, just be confident, the more you overthink it the scarier it will be.

What have been a few of your favourite places to ride?

I haven’t done a whole lot of travelling to really have broad opinion, but i’d say California just for the sheer abundance of spots.

You have a signature frame coming out later this year, what is your favourite thing about the frame?

I really like the inspired graphics myself and Cooper worked on, the integrated chain tensioners and the geometry.

Outside of BMX, what have you been up to lately?

Always working, little bit of 4×4, working on my car and motorbike, hanging out with mates and the GF.

Above: Hop over crooks at a favoured local spot.

Favourite road trip you’ve been on?

i have no idea, there’s too many fun ones to pinpoint, they’re all good!

You’ve been restoring a motorcycle for probably a year now, what type is it and what motivated you to start that project?

it’s been a work in progress for a few years now originally inspired by images of awesome looking motorcycles I had seen on the internet and my interest in all things hands on and mechanical so I decided to build my own interpretation of a modernised 1975 yamaha xs650 cafe racer/flat tracker which is quite close to being done I have just got to find the motivation in this cold winter top go out to the shed and finish it.

When do you think it will be done?

I’m hoping by summer but who really knows haha, I also said that last summer.

Is there a riding trick you’ve always wanted to learn but just can’t work it out?

I lose tricks as fast as I learn them, I just continue to do the ones I personally enjoy. backwards manuals look fun but I can’t do them.