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Jourdan Barba video

Jourdan has been stacking clips with Carlos Garcia during the year and man did they get some great clips. Loved the 60/40 feeble clip, check it out.

Also check out Jourdan’s signature Menace guard sprocket here.

One Spot – Jourdan Barba

Jourdan Barba gets busy on a fun ledge setup to kick off a new video series we’re doing where one of the crew session a setup they really enjoy.

Check out Jourdan’s signature Menace guard sprocket here.

Jourdan Barba

With working full time and having a family with 2 kids it can be hard to get on a trip but Jourdan Barba made it work and headed up to SF with Chris Bracamonte for some good times on the bike.

Jourdan Barba video

Stacked BMX posted this fresh video of Jourdan Barba bashing out some good clips around California.

Jourdan Barba leftovers

Even Jourdan‘s leftover clips are solids, check out more Barba goodness!

Watch below for Jourdan’s full video part.

Jourdan Barba video

Having a full time job and a family with 2 kids may not leave all that much time for riding but Jourdan manages his time well and can still produce some heavy clips. Check out this new piece put together by Chris Bracamonte.

Jourdan Barba video dropping tomorrow

Tomorrow we have a new video dropping form Jourdan Barba. He stacked some pretty wild moves for this one so keep an eye out tomorrow for the full video.

Jourdan Barba @ Fergusson

Jourdan and his friend Carlos get in a good session at the Fergusson park.

Daily Sessions – Jourdan Barba

Chris Bracamonte spent the day recently cruising with Jourdan along with Trent McDaniel and Wolfgang Ray. Watch the video for an insight into Jourdan‘s world.

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Instagram Feed video

More quality clips from some of the team’s Instagram accounts…

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WOLB crew mixtape

Jourdan and the crew just dropped a new mixtape which you will want to check out. Riverside locals always have good spots.

Watch Out 2016 mixtape

A bunch of our friends from the Riverside area have been stacking clips over the past year for this WOLB mixtape which dropped today. JB has some solid clips in this but the entire crew hold their own which makes for a great watch…

Jourdan Barba birthday session

Jourdan and some of the WOLB crew get in a fun day out riding for JB’s birthday…


Jourdan scores our recent print advert in the latest RIDE BMX. Such a monster kinker that he got done for his latest video which you can watch below. Learn more about our complete wheels right here.


Jourdan Barba Q&A

Check out the Q&A we just posted with Jourdan Barba. A good little insight into Jourdan’s world and what it takes to get those hammer clips. View it all here.


Jourdan Barba @ the LA Street Series

RIde BMX posted up a cool video from the Street Series jam that went down in LA and Jourdan has some good clips in it befoire he got worked on the long rail at the end.

Jourdan Barba 2016 video

You may think Jourdan would be slowing down since he has 2 kids and a wife but you would be wrong. Jourdan makes good use of his time when on the bike as you will see in his new video. No slowing down for JB. Thanks to Chris Bracamonte for putting this piece together. Check out Jourdans signature Menace guard sprocket right here.

Jourdan Barba’s rig

Jourdan came through the USA warehouse the other day and picked up some fresh parts including a brand new Monash frame in the Trans Orange. Damn that thing looks good! Also check out Jourdan’s signature Menace guard sprocket and be on the lookout for his banger new video this week!

jb bike

Feature – Nude bowl in the heat

We have a new section to the site, above in the Navigation bar you will see a FEATURES tab which will now host a bunch of original content shot with the guys. It could be a road trip article, bike check or an interview with one of the guys. Basically anything we think of. First up is a photo feature from the trip to Nude bowl a few of us took. Check it out here.


Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys just checking in on what I’ve been up to lately.Chris Bracamonte and I have been wrapping up a new vid that I’ve been really stoked on taking day trips all over SoCal finding and riding really good spots! Cooper has been in SoCal as well lately and we’ve been taking photos and hitting pools! Nothing but good times with friends and the Colony family! Keep your eyes out for a new Colony vid dropping soon!

Instagram: @jourdanbarba / Snapchat: Jourdanbmx to keep up with my daily adventures!