Date of Birth:
5 August 1992.

Colony BMX brand, Pijin BMX shop, between trees clothing.

How long have you been riding?
Coming up to 11 years now!

What got you interested in BMX?
My first interest in BMX started when I used to skateboard but I was always more blown away by the BMX riders so I got myself a BMX for my birthday and it all started from there.

Biggest influences in BMX:
The people that I’ve always looked up to from day one is Mark Webb, Mike Miller, Dennis Enarson and Ryan Guettler.

Where are you living at the moment? And where did you grow up?
Im still living in my hometown of Farnborough, Hampshire in England. I am looking to move away pretty soon but for now, just trying to travel the world with my bike and have as much fun as possible.

What does a regular Saturday out on the bike usually consist of?
A regular Saturday would normally consist of getting a bunch of my friends together, chucking the bikes in the car and driving to a couple of skateparks, having fun and then ending it all with 1 or 2 beers, or maybe 10.

What are you doing for work these days?
I’m currently out of work for the time being, in and out of jobs just to keep myself afloat, save money and live life. As long as I’m riding my bike, can feed myself and be somewhere other than home, I’m happy.

Top 3 places you’ve ridden over the years:
1. America. The vibe and atmosphere in BMX there is amazing.
2. My local skatepark, can’t beat a session at the place that made myself who I am today.
3. Anywhere, as long as it’s with a good group of people.

What are your interests outside of Riding?
Interests outside of riding would definitely be exploring what this world has to offer and shooting photos of it. Absolutely love seeing the end result of a sick sunset with crazy scenery.

Car you own/drive:
I don’t have a car at the moment due to not really needing one but looking to get something this year. Would love a camper to drive around Europe in. But we will see!

Tell us something about your local scene:
It’s quite sad as my local scene is kind of dying down, although there is still a few riders that are down to go ride it’s nothing like the days when I got into BMX. We used to have jams down the local all the time run by the BMXers, nothing was ever legit, build some sketchy ramps and whenever anyone did anything sick, they got a beer. Always used to be such a huge turn out too!

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
My motivation to go to ride is simply the feeling I get out of riding my bike. The feeling of just cruising around and learning something that you’ve wanted to get for a long time is some of the best feelings! Friends also play a huge part in my motivation to ride.

Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?
So far my favourite place I’ve ever travelled to is the United States, it’s such a big country that has so much to offer. It’s crazy how you can go from one state to another and it seems like a completely different country!

Good meals to eat:
I’m a huge fan of cooking so I normally eat a lot of random things, just anything with chicken or beef, veg and that tastes good I’m into. Chipotle is also good.

Give us some bands/musicians you are into these days:
Really into such a varied music taste it’s hard to have a favourite. I guess it depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I’m actually currently listening to Bring me the Horizon whilst writing this but that’s due to my current mood. I like mellow also though.

Favourite Colony product?
Seriously into the Wasp hubs at the moment, such a fast, smooth hub that sounds amazing at such a good price.

What has BMX has taught you:
BMX has pretty much taught me everything. The main things though, be thankful and to appreciate the smaller things in life.

The usual thanks…
Thank you to my sponsors obviously for carrying on to support me, my friends and anyone that makes my day a good one!

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