Where are you from?
Cranbourne, Victoria… Also known as Paradise.

Date of birth:
11th of May 1984.

What got you in to riding?
Going out on weekends motorbike riding with my dad and brother. During the week I couldn’t get out on the motorbike so I started doing little jumps on my 16 inch. Then got a 20 Robinson BMX and kept it going from there.

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
Good mates to ride with and talk shit with. The people you ride with always make a big difference on how much you enjoy it.

What style of riding do you enjoy doing the most?
Mini or skatepark I guess. I have the most fun riding trails though. It’s just hard now that Mansons rails arn’t running. But we will fix that soon I hope…

Do you have any interests outside of riding?
Yeah, I ride dirtbikes still, see bands and go four wheel driving when I can fit it in. Always doing something (when I’m not injured).

Favorite colony product?
Probably would have to be the 21” Teddy frame. As soon as I built it up for the first time it felt perfect. Well-done Micky!!

What do you do for a job?

Bands you listen too:
Dr.Acula, Emmure, Arsonists get all the girls, Acacia Strain, ETID, Afroman, Thy Art is Murder, Deftones… and so forth.

Tell us something about your local scene?
Myself, Ol’ Man Tomat’s and Lukey Barling riding and laughing… Aldo a stupid amount of retarded scooter Vermin.