Andre Jesus update

Hey guys, I wanna share with you guys my busy year of 2016, with a lot of riding and contests. I come back to Brazil this year for the BSS Tour with Dreambmx, A Big series of 5 contests called @bss_tour

The contests was amazing, a lot of new places, new culture, and new emotions. First contest we end up to Santa Catarina, at the south of Brazil, the public was amazing the energy at the contest was incredible. I was so pumped to ride then that I gave 120% and end up 1st place and also won the best trick.

Then I had a little break of contests, so I decided to go chill with my friend Douglas Leite Doguete in WoodWard – PA, where I spent 1 month riding, and having the best days of my life at that paradise. Woodward rules ! After I’m back from Woodward I had only a day to rest and just get another airplane to go straight to the state of Ceará.

I had couple injuries from WW but it didn’t stop me to ride as hard as I could and end up again with 1st place and won the best trick again. Always is happy get in the number 1 podium.

No chill after that, the next day we already got a bus with at least 20 riders, we drove to the next stop, Juazeiro da Bahia. We had couple days to rest till the weekend, so the contest could start on Friday with practice.

This third contest, two of the greatest riders of south America, Daniel Dhers and Jose Maligno came to compete. It was a tough contest for myself but I did my best and got second place and I crashed on a flair double whip, but still stoked of my place.

After that we had one month of rest and riding before the fourth stop of BSS tour that was in Varginha the famous city of E.T here in Brazil, people Always see some spaceships there hahahaaha, true or lie I don’t know. This contest I had a couple of personal issues, but still rode well not the way I wanted but anyway, I still finish in second place could not be more happy about it.

After this contest I already knew that I won the Overall Bss tour in the Ranking, best thing that happened in my life … It’s a crazy feeling to win something big like this over here in Brazil, and I’m so happy about that.

The last contest and final stop of the Bss Tour I was not focus enough to do what I wanted, sometimes we have perfect days and sometimes we have a bad days, but that doesn’t mean we had to be up set or looking in the past, we need to keep our head up for the future and the new opportunities, life never stop, we need to always keep strong for what is coming.

So I’m grateful of this amazing year and opportunities of this BSS tour come in the right time.

I want to say thanks for my friends, family, sponsors and people who believed me.





Alex Hiam’s new setup

Alex built up his new 21″ Sweet Tooth bike and it looks rad! Thanks to LUX for shooting the images.





Jack Kelly in California video

So excited to have this video out. Jack really went in for it and came out on top with one of the heaviest hitting videos you will see. Ride BMX also posted a Q&A with Jack which you can see right here.

Also checkout the out-takes video from the trip below…

Austin Zentmyer – How to tailwhip

Our friend Austin Zentmyer who reps Colony via Dans Comp gives you a run down on how to tailwhip in this new video. Good one for the newer riders or someone that’s just always wanted to learn whips.

3 weeks in California

A few of the guys spent some time in California recently stacking clips for up coming videos. We put this video together as a behind the scenes looks at the day to day happenings whilst filming a video project.

Be on the lookout for a Jack Kelly video part in a few days from this trip.

The 2017 Sweet Tooth frame

Get a good look out the 2017 version of Alex‘s signature frame. More info on all the options can be found right here.

Lilydale Jam

YVC are putting on a jam at the local park of Lilydale in Victoria. If you’re in the area make sure you head down, some of the team will be out having a roll for sure.


Clint Millar 42nd birthday video

Clint spends his 42nd birthday riding some of his local parks (and backyard) whilst documenting the riding himself.

Tim Storey road trippin’

Tim put together this video from a trip he took over to Adelaide with a good bunch of friends. Good vibes throughout.

The all new Colony Griplock tyre

Quick video detail of the new Griplock tyre which you can see more of here.

Luke Parker @ Noble Park

Luke Parker spends a gloomy Melbourne day at one of the funnest parks around.

Victor Salazar – Versatil frame hype

Victor Salazar wants to give some of you free tires. Watch the video for more information.

Make sure you jump on Instagram and use hashtags #versatilframe & #colonybmxbrand

More info about the Versatil frame can be found here.

Leeham video

We are flowing LeeHam some Colony product at the moment through MAD Distribution over in China and the guys came through with a cool video to kick things off…

Alex Hiam’s new bike

Alex just built up a fresh new Sweet Tooth and it looks the goods! More images soon.


Nathan Sykes bike build

Nathan built up a 2017 Tradition frame in his signature Metallica Red colourway and it came out really nice.

The frame is available now and you can read more about it here. You can also see more on his signature seat right here.

Strictly BMX custom Tradition bike

Strictly BMX have a deal on a custom Tradition build that is looking the goods! Get all the info right here.


Paddy & Bobbie @ Baco

Both Bob and Paddy have some technical clips in the last half of this video that BMX Union just put out. The Baco jams always look pretty crazy. Congrats to Paddy for winning the #frontbrakebrethren jam

Jack Kelly bike check

Included with all the new goodies landing at the moment is Jack Kelly‘s signature Monash frame. So as soon as he could get his hands on the production model he pieced it together with a fresh stack of parts including the new Makita frame colourway. Check it all here in detail.


Chris & Jayden session The Village

Chris Courtenay and Jayden Fuller session The Village with some great local lines.

Polly images

A couple photos of Polly from the weekend.