Anthony Napolitan “What I ride”

Head over to the Ride BMX website for an in-depth look at Napo’s rig along with a Q&A about why he runs what he does. Check it all here.

What I Ride - Anthony Napolitan

What I Ride - Anthony Napolitan

Nathan Sykes update

What up guys! Just wanted to send through an update on what I have been up to. Just got back from a week trip in Colorado doing shows with Team Soil. Had a really fun time riding and adventuring around Colorado. We drove from Huntington Beach to Long Mont. 1200 miles with the truck and trailer. Meet some rad people on the way and have many good memories.

Just got home last night and already excited for another trip.

Next week my signature color in the Tradition frame comes out in Metallic Red. Very stoked on that! Also I have a new signature seat that will be releasing also. Lot of good stuff and I’m excited for you guys to be able to get your hands on it!





Ricky Catanzariti in the 406 mixtape

Ricky has a tonne of great clips in this along with all his friends. Make sure you check this out.

And incase you missed his Melbourne video make sure you check that out…

2017 complete bikes NOW AVAILABLE!

We are very excited to announce that our 2017 complete bike range is now available here in Australia with the rest of the world to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Check out all the models below in this playlist of videos we’ve put together.

You can view the full spec’s of every bike right here.

Focalpoint Package 4 video

Jack, Polly and myself have some clips in the new mixtape from FP. Check it out…

Nora Cup

Bracamonte was on hand to shoot some of the happenings at Nora Cup this year. JK and Millar were floating around whilst the camera was on.

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys,

I’m still alive. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve said anything. Shits been full on the last couple of months. Went to dream world but. That place is the tits. So I got a new job and I’ve been working flat out. My knee is still not good but I’m getting a proper knee brace real soon and I’ll be back on the bike. Other than that life has been fairly okay to me. I turn 30 in a week or so, so I’m ready for my retirement and have my village all set out to move in to haha.

Also next American Summer I’ll be heading out to Bobbie’s to pay a visit and I can’t frigging wait! Super excited to see one of the best humans alive and get to ride with him again. Until next time ( which will be a lot sooner haha )



Bruno Faucon video

Bruno has been riding for Colony for many years now over in France so it’s always great to see a new video from him. Thanks to Eye Productions for putting this one together for him. Loved the pegs crossover tooth.

Nathan Sykes ditch session

Nathan Sykes gets in a fun session down at a classic LA ditch spot. For any video heads out there, this was shot on 120p for something a bit different for me.

Landscapes video now available

Stu Munro hit us up to let everyone know that the flatland DVD Landscapes is now available for purchase right here. Below is the info you need to know along with thee trailer for the video. Both Simon and Shane have footage in this…

“Landscapes ” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Featuring Simon O’Brien, Alex Worden, Yorihisa Shiota, Seppl Pospischil, Viki Gomez, Iwata Tang-meng Hiroki, Masashi Itani, George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Thomas Noyer ,Brandon Fenton, Paul Chamberlain and many more !


Jourdan scores our recent print advert in the latest RIDE BMX. Such a monster kinker that he got done for his latest video which you can watch below. Learn more about our complete wheels right here.


Instagram Video Feed #4

Some recent clips from some of the team’s Instagram’s…

Skatehouse Jam

The Skatehouse jam was a real good time. Massive thanks to everyone who came out.





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2017 complete bikes landing soon

Our all new range of complete bikes for 2017 will land soon around the planet. Expect to start seeing them in stores in October.

In the meantime, you can check them out here now.







Yo yo !!

SoCal trails weekend with Sykes

Nathan has some great photos over on DIG that are well worth a click.


Also check the video again from the weekend the photos were shot on.

Instavids – Jayden Fuller, Jack Kelly and Tanguy Labertrande

A video posted by Jayden Fuller (@jdoogg) on

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The Skatehouse jam this Thursday

If you’re in Southern California make sure you come down for a session at The Skatehouse this Thursday night. We will be getting pizza for everyone and some giveaways during the night.


Jack Kelly Setups

Jack has a bike check over on DIG which also includes some banging riding photos. Check it all here.



Josh Dove – Local lines video

13 year old Josh Dove shreds some of his local parks up in Brisbane with more style than you should have at his age.

Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel as well.

Chris Courtenay update

Hey Guys!
If you’ve seen on my social media as of late I’ve caught the YouTube bug haha, been having a blast filming videos for it which you can watch here. I also had the pleasure of shooting photos for the past week with Andras Pentek around Brisbane, which you can checkout below!