Ricky Catanzariti 406 clips

Ricky had some great clips in the 406 mixtape and he ended up mashing them all up for this raw video.

Watch the full video here:

2017 Complete bike videos

Check the playlist below that features the range of bikes we have out right now! There is something for everyone.

Rampfest Open Day

We are supporting the Rampfest open day in Melbourne in a few weeks. You will be able to test ride the new complete bikes along with a session with some of the team. Check all the info right here, Look forward to seeing you guys down there.


Alex Hiam best of video

Someone made this compilation of a tonne of great Alex clips from the past few years. It’s pretty random to see someone re-using your clips but I am into it none the less…

JK in Sydney

We just got back from a Sydney trip with Jack which went really well, here’s a couple shots from the journey.



Also, incase you missed Jack’s banging new video…

Tim Storey AH Well leftovers

Tim Storey is currently filming for another CLVLND DVD titled “AH Well” This video is the clips filmed in the past 6 months that wont be used.

The video will be out mid next year and will be free for anyone after a copy. Based off these clips it looks like it will be a good watch.

Team Instagram compilation #5

Back with more gold from the crew’s Instagram accounts.

Aaron Simone DIG Dozen video

Aaron Simone who rides for Tony’s Bikes over on the East coast of the USA banged out this DIG video with Chris Bracamonte whilst he was in California for a few weeks which came out great. Love the 360 over the rail…

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, I have been working on my ankle a lot . I am doing my own physio to save money and I think I know how to treat it pretty good aswell.. I’m learning a lot about the body and healing myself. It’s pretty interesting. I am Constantly progressing, Healing and feeling more and more stronger everyday, With my ankle and my whole body . .. I am able to do pretty much any Physical activities with out to much pain or hassle in my ankle now.. Which is very relieving and exciting. I have been climbing mountain for physio etc.

This ankle has been by far the hardest injury to recover from. I Keep thinking It’s getting better then I find another thing I have to heal . It’s just my balance i am having a hard time with at the moment. . That’s delaying the last healing process.. I am able to ride, do all my usual tricks, But not comfortably. and don’t feel like it’s time yet. I have subconsciously been putting all my weight on my left leg, ( My good foot ) During pretty much every activity i do, Including riding…. so This is delaying my Right ankle ( the one i Broke ) From fully healing and building that last bit of muscle I need to be able to have a lil fall and get back up from it… I have just figured this out this week. So it’s exciting I can start working towards balancing my weight out on both feet, and should be back to 100% soon. All the physio and exercise I have been doing my whole body and mind is ready and just waiting to push the limits again. Yoga has been a huge help to balance myself out. I am feeling really confident and refreshed on my bike so I’m super excited and have fallen more involve with riding once again!

It’s been a long road but I think it’s finally coming to a end. And I am so grateful for this Obstacle, and I have learnt a whole lot that is going to help me in the future to be on my bike for as long as possible.

Below is a day edit from the England trip hitting up the Corby park.

Liam Marshall bike check

Over in New Zealand, Liam Marshall just set up a fresh new bike that’s looking on point. Check the parts list below.

2017 Monash 21″.
Bio Mech bars.
Much Room grips.
Squareback stem.
Guardian forks.
22’s cranks.
Cc sprocket 25t.
Wasp hubs LHD.
Contour rims.
Fantastic plastic pedal.


Victor Salazar in NZ

Another episode of the Redbull and friends trip around New Zealand. Victor has some good clips throughout and the places they rode look super good. You can see a tonne of photos right here and the video below.

Chris Bracamonte bike check video

Chris Bracamonte knows how to handle a long rail or 6! Watch him do just that in this new video whilst we give you a run down of his current Tradition set-up.

Fantastic Plastics

Thanks to The Merged for including us in their top 5 BMX Pedals feature with the Fantastic PLastics. Check it here.


Lilydale jam images

Last night was a great time with a tonne of crew. Thanks to YVC and Vans for helping put it on and to everyone that came out.







Tom Stretton update

Sooooooo I have a new bike and it fucking rules. I’m still very cautious and shaky on it but I am loving just being able to roll around.

Again I can’t thank Clint and everyone at Colony enough for all the support for so long. Soon I will be riding with my people again….poorly….but I’ll be riding and I can’t freaking wait.

Just thought you guys should know. Check out my rig. This Versatil frame is seriously the tits. It feels incredible and looks even better.

Much love!



Chris Courtenay bike check

Chris Courtenay recently setup a new bike stacked with Colony product. Check the list below along with some detailed images of his rig.

Frame – Sweet Tooth 2017 Trans Metal gold 20.7
Forks – Sweet Tooth.
Bars – Sweettooth 8.8.
Cranks – 22’s in 170mm.
Front wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim.
Rear wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim with alloy driver.
Tyres – Grip Lock 2.35.
Stem – Squareback.
Pedals – Fantastic Plastic.
Seat – CC Combo Tie Dye.
Sprocket – CC sprocket 25 tooth Rainbow.
Brakes – Brethren brakes in Rainbow, Colony upper and lower cables with Colony lever.






Lilydale Jam this Friday

This Friday YVC are putting on a jam at the local park of Lilydale in Victoria. If you’re in the area make sure you head down, some of the team will be out having a roll for sure.


Colony in New Zealand

It’s been little while since our products have been freely available in New Zealand but all that is about to change. We’ve appointed Pawson Reid Velo (PRV) as our sole distributor for New Zealand.

If you’re a bike shop in NZ, get ahold of the guys at PRV now to secure our latest 2017 offerings in stock now.

One of the first dealers to grab our 2017 ranges is who have picked up a solid amount of our 2017 products & is available now for purchase for all riders in NZ.

We could even see a possible Colony team trip out to NZ early in the new year. More on that soon.


Yo yo !!

Victor Salazar bike build

Victor puts together the brand new Versatil frame in his signature colour (Azure Grey) down at Epic BMX.

Q&A with Jayden Fuller

We sat down with J-Dogg and hit him with a bunch of questions on what’s been happening lately, moving from New Zealand and the DVD he is working on. Check it all here.