A Month In The Life Of – DVD

It’s been too long in the making due to my busy travel schedule but it’s finally getting closer to a reality. ‘A Month In The Life Of’ the roadtrip DVD, will soon be out.

The entire Colony pro team spent close to a full month on the road from Brisbane to Sydney for a couple of comps then over to New Zealand’s South Island for a week of relaxing & riding before finishing up at the X-Air comp in Wellington. We also had a very special guest in the way of Dave Osato.

I have been very busy trying to get as much editing done as possible while I am home. We will have a small mini premiere at Interbike in Vegas, in a few weeks at the Tip Plus booth on the Thursday afternoon of Interbike.

It will be available in shops hopefully sometime in October.

I have been getting used to this view of my desk & computer a lot of late…

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Clocked In DVD premiere October 19th

FocalPoint BMX Magazine are having their long awaited DVD premiere October 19th in Melbourne. Check the flyer or their website for more info…

Look out for sections from our own Liam Fahy-Hampton & Mick Bayzand… word.


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Who says BMX doesn’t pay?

Some say that it doesn’t but Nick Richardson may think otherwise. Check out his first car he bought entirely on his Bloody Oath Bar royalties from us here at Colony. Pretty farkin’ shweet if you ask me…haha. It’s a Ford Falcon EB ’92 model complete with alloy wheels, it’s lowered, got aircon & even a CD player !! Talk about high rolling !! Seriously though, Nick is very happy to have his first car. Even though, it makes me a little sad that I wont need to drive him around everywhere now.


Just for comparison, on the other end of the scale, we have one of Ryan’s many cars… a rather pimped out Chrysler 300C. Maybe BMX really does pay?


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Hell Stallion by Mick Bayzand

Here are the first pics of a Hell Stallion built up & ready for testing by Mick Bayzand. I will post pics of Liam’s personal ride soon enough… keep an eye on this space.

Thanks to Cooper Brownlee for the pics…

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‘Well if this ain’t the cats meow!’

Buzzy shit happens when you open your eyes and look hard! Why am I typing this? Well, myself, Wazman and Zombie Mike went on a bit of a ‘joint’ this weekend, to our favourite pie shop, I’m not gonna give away its location, that’s a secret, but it’s somewhere between Auckland and Wellington, thats all I’m going to say! Anyways, I really needed to use the porcelain throne, so we pulled over in the middle of no where, and off I went, only to wonder a bit further down the road and come across the proverbial ‘cats meow’!!
We did a little bit more exploring and low and behold, our exploring was rewarded with what I can best sum up as probably one of the best ‘natural’ spots I’ve ever seen! Take a squizz at the pics, but they don’t do it justice, wallrides, bank to walls, sub boxes, transitioned wall, this place has it all, except for the jump box in the middle! Ha, thank goodness!
All really good size as well! We hungout there for a while and took it all in, I took some navagational readings with my mobile GPS unit, so that we know exactly where this bohemoth sleeps. We will be going back with shovels and brooms once summer arrrives, so I’ll def get some pics of that! Just goes to show that if you stray off the broken path looking for a place to go number two’s, you never know what you will find!

In other random news, got me new Colonic hubs built up, dang! These are prototypes, but are pretty much spot on! Thanks to Dagger at Hedgehog Takapuna for the build, not too sure when these suckers are avaliable, but all you need to know is that they’re light, light, have a buzzy colony logo laser etched into them, and they make your bike go fast!


Peta in Vancouver

Peta Shepherd has been in Vancouver now for a few weeks & her trip is coming to an end soon. She sent me this quick email with a few cool pics.

Hey hows it going? I’m having the best time in Van, but I only have a week left before a long flight home 🙁 My trip has gone way to fast. I have ridden so many amazing parks, trails and street, and love it here so much. Here are a few pics, enjoy 🙂



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Hell Stallion update…

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature street frame, the Hell Stallion, is now getting tested by Liam & Mick Bayzand on the streets of Melbourne. If you happen to see them around, take the time to check out their rides.

Liam’s girlfriend did these graphics & the stickers will be modelled off these.

Here are some details on the frame itself…

Head Angle : 75.5
Seat Angle : 71.0
BB Height : 11.5″
Top Tube Sizes : 20.85 & 21.25″
Rear End : 13.75″
Weight : 4.73lbs (20.85) 4.76lbs (21.25)
Features : Low slung top tube design with steep head tube angle
Seat tube height is 7″ centre of BB to centre of Top Tube (most frames 8″)
Full Post Heat Treated like all 2008 Colony frames
Laser cut 5mm dropouts with CNC detail like all 2008 Colony frames
Extra thick Down Tube & Chain stays to resist denting
Steep head tube angle for more responsive front wheel tricks

The Hell Stallion will not be available until early to mid 2008. Some details may change depending on Liam’s personal preferences & thoughts during testing.
I will post pics of their built up bikes soon… so check back in the next few days.



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Arts & crafts…

Angela Dobbie sent me a pic of her little arts & crafts bracelet she made… pretty cool I thought. Enjoy !!


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Ryan’s weekend…

Ryan sent me a quick email about his weekend just gone… word.

Hey what’s up?

I’m home now and rested. Weekend was good I went to the ASA comp and placed 3rd behind Stevie (madman) McCann and 1st place was Dennis Enarson who rode sooooo good. I also pulled a 360 back flip tire grab which I haven’t done many of (happy).

The Family have bought my web site ( and we are about to re-vamp it and make it 10,000 times better but it wont be up until end of September, can’t wait.

Here’s a few small photos from the comp, also I’m going to woodward this week for a bit then to Salt Lake City, then to Interbike in Vegas (Vegas baby) see you at the poker tables.

Enjoy & talk real soon.




Ryan & Diogo Canina


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Hell Stallion…

Street assasin Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature street frame, the Hell Stallion will soon be in Liam’s hands & will be getting put through it’s paces. Liam will start testing by this weekend & so will Mick Bayzand. The unique low slung design that Liam wanted specificially, will no doubt be noticed on the streets of Melbourne.

I will post pics of Liam & Mick’s personal rides in the next few days. I will also release more detailed info on the frame itself in a few days as well. For now check out these few teaser pics.




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Transformer Lever Update


In the past I had reported that our Transformer Lever would only work best with a Dragonfly style dual cable. Well, we have since found out that Odyssey gyro cables or SST oryg cables work just as good if not better. You may just need to do a little modification & use a very small spacer in between the supplied push fit adaptor & lever body to take up the slack, if there is any. We have found that the length of these cables differs slightly & some individual cables may fit better than others. It also depends on the stack height of your headset & stem as to the suitablity.

Please know that our lever will work well with almost all Dragonfly dual cables, Odyssey gryo & SST oryg cables out there. This is very good news for lovers of our levers all over the world. Enjoy.

A Transfomer Lever working very well with an Odyssey Gyro Cable.



Transformer advert to appear in 2020 BMX magazine & Focal Point Magazine.

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Bloody Oath Bars…

Nick’s signature bars are available right now in a selection of colours. There’s a limited edition Chrome which is available in the USA, France, the UK, New Zealand & Australia. There is also White & Clear Coat as well as Black available in selected countries. Get them while they last & maybe, just maybe, you will be able to do taybos like Richo.

Check out the products section for all the details including the massive 28.5′ width.




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Bruno Faucon from France

Our worldwide flow team is ever expanding & our latest edition to the Colony family is Bruno Faucon from Venelles, France. Unleaded BMX, our French distributor, hooked us up with Bruno for our flow team & I had the chance to meet Bruno at the Rebeljam in Berlin a few weeks ago.

Welcome to the team Bruno !!




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Angela’s latest set up

I saw Angela Dobbie today & she always has a new paint job & look for her bike everytime I see her. Her latest colour she has painted her Sect frame is a nice dark purple. Looks pretty cool with I say… She just put on some of the new Official Forks, Mid Seat with Purple rails & Transformer Lever as well. She is waiting for a Official Stem & Sprocket to finish off her ride.






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2008 Endeavor… soon

The 2008 Endeavor complete bikes will soon be shipping… finally. The long awaited 2008 Endeavor will be available in Australia first in late September, with the USA following a week or two later. The rest of the world will be a few weeks again after that but totally worth the wait. I am sure you will be stoked on the hard work we’ve put into these bikes.

The 2008 Sect Limited Edition bike will also be shipping soon after the Endeavor’s to most countries. Track yourself a Sect Limited Edition down as they are VERY limited with only 75 produced for the entire planet.



Thanks to Steve from our UK distributor, Shindig Distro for the awesome teaser pics.

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Guettler & box jumps?

Ryan sent me a quick email to let me know what he is up to over the next few weeks…

Hey guys,

I’ve got some free time so I thought I’d send some pics and let you know what I’m up to. I leave tomorrow to go to LA for the ASA comp. It’s 2 box jumps in a row with a 8 foot ramp at the end. Got my name written all over it I think… hahaha lol. Then I’m back home for a week so I’m going to Woodward then to the 4th Dew Tour. I’ll email more pics from the comp this week end.

Later boss.



Thanks Ryan… have fun & see ya in Vegas !!

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Old school bikes.

Andy Kent sent me a quick email with a cool pic…

Hey man, I am traveling for work around Wisconsin and drove through a
town called Sparta. They claim to be the bicycling capital of America.
Anyways, they have a museum with bikes that have wooden rims and are
from the 1800’s. Some cool stuff in there attached is a pic of a huge
bike they have as you drive into town maybe something cool for the
colony site later man… Andy.


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Transformer Lever… out now.


The Transformer Lever is out in most countries right now & from the reports we have been getting so far everyone loves them. Some who were shocked at the price of them have now turned around & seen the advantage that they offer to the discerning rider.



Full CNC machined quality throughout, smooth lines, half the weight of any other BMX lever on the market & no adjusting barrel to bend or break when using a straight cable. Our levers will work best with a Dragonfly dual cable system when using a gyro & you use the supplied push fit adaptor. But they also will work with Odyssey & SST normal gyro cables. Snafu dual cables do not fit well so refrain from using them with our lever.

Using the push fit adaptor with a Dragonfly dual cable.

I hope that you all like our levers as much as the people who are running them so far. Thanks in advance for everyones support for Colony throughout the world.

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Shane Badman is the man…

Yep, it’s official. The flatland frame that I released some news about a few weeks ago is Shane Badman’s signature ride. I had wanted to do something with Shane when he told me he hated all the frames out there today & couldn’t get something that was exactly like he wanted. Something that would also stand up to his riding. Enter ‘The Cube’ by Shane Badman & Colony.

Shane & I have known each other for almost as long as I can remember. We were penpals before emails even existed writing actual hand writen letters to each other for years… crazy to think actually. Welcome to the team Shane !!

Shane in Austria last year.

The frame will not be out yet for at least 6-8 months as we need to test it first. But should be worth the wait. Details I can release right now are…

Top Tube : 18.85′
Rear End : 13.0′
HT angle : 74.5
ST angle : 72.0
Top/Down Tube : diameter : 31.8mm
Rear Stays diameter : 19.0mm
Features : Built-in seat clamp, Spanish BB, Internal H/set & we will trial some removable rear brake mounts. The frame will also be full post heat treated as are all our 2008 frames.
Weight : TBA but expect it to be light.



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How much work can a bike co. be?

When I started Colony I thought it wouldn’t take up that much of my time. Oh, how wrong was I. Running your own bike company is a very demanding task & something that takes up plenty of my time. Especially when I want it done right & exactly how I feel things should be ran.

Take this weekend for instance… here I am having just had a session on the mini ramp with the likes of Dave Osato, Mike Spinner, Achim Kujawski & Mark Konig. Now I find myself doing a little work & updating the site while they still ride. I find myself doing this rather often to be honest. Putting off riding to do the work that Colony demands of me. But do I mind you ask? No not really. I love running Colony & I feel it’s something that I truely do have a passion to do.

There is no greater feeling of achievement to see something you have worked so much on come to life. To have riders support your work & be stoked on what you’ve done is amazing. For this feeling I thank everyone out there who has supported Colony in one form or another. Thanks !!

Working on the beach.

Working beside the ramp.

Working by the bar.

It’s not all work of course… it does have it’s perks with the party time with friends.


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