Richo Batman & piss stain Hampton

Yeah, we’re bringing our first night in the states with a bang here… $4.00 bottles of Jim Beam are quite the ticket. Bwrahahahaha.




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We finally made it… kinda.

Well we finally made it to the states but we’re not in Orlando yet. We had plenty of flight delays & now are spending the night in LA. We went for a walk from our hotel for about 5 mins & saw so much good stuff to ride right by our hotel. Pitty we’re all too jet lagged to ride but it was a good welcome sign to the states.

We dropped into a servo, oh I mean ‘gas station’ & picked up some 40’s, yeah! Cold chillen’ in the court yard of the hotel. We also saw a Dave Mirra poster in the servo… so bigtime, it’s awsome. Yo, Dan if you’re reading this… Schapel.

Tomorrow we head to Orlando to hang out at the last Dew Tour.













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Stompin’ the States

Nick with his spending money for his first US trip.

For those out there old enough will know the tour of the states that occured in the late ’80’s with the name above. Colony will be Stompin’ The States later this week with our first team trip in the good ol’ US of A.

On the trip will be…

Ryan Guettler
Dave Freimuth
Nick Richardson
Liam Fahy-Hampton
Mick Bayzand
Steven Woodward
Matt King
Toby Matthews
and myself.

We will also have Ryan Fudger from Ride BMX magazine to cover the entire trip. So expect some good coverage from it all. We will also be filming the whole time.

Places we are going for the trip….

18th till 22nd October in Orlando to hang out & watch the final Dew Tour.
22nd & 23rd October in Atlanta.
24th October in Athens.
25th October in Tallahasee.
26th till 29th October for Baco Jam in Longwood, FL at Mesh Skatepark.
29th October till 2nd November in Greenville, NC.

Should be good times for sure. If you see us around, come & say g’day.

Ryan will be showing us all the cool stuff to ride in Greenville.

Can’t wait to experience my first ever Baco Jam.

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Bloody Oath Frame update

The highly anticipated Bloody Oath frame will be shipping next week. Depending where you live on this planet will depend on how soon it’s available in your country. Anything from 4 to 6 weeks. So place your orders with your local shop ASAP as these will go fast.

Nick signature ride comes in 21′ or 21.25′ top tube lengths. Like all Colony frames for 2008 it is a Full Post Heat Treated frame giving it incredible strength & an amazing weight of 4.29lbs.

Check out the products section for more details.







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Guettler heading to last Dew Tour

Ryan just sent me a quick email to say that he has been riding heaps at home on his backyard ramp & also digging down at Colin Mackay’s trails in Greenville. He is heading to the last Dew Tour this weekend in Orlando as well. He also would like everyone to know that his re-vamped website is up and running at so check it out now !! In the meantime enjoy these pics Ryan sent over.







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Report from France

Bruno Faucon has been busy in France it seems… winning local comps, getting video sections done, living the BMX lifestyle basically. Here are some cool pics I have been sent of him from the guys at Maniable Clothing Co. Enjoy !!




Pic by Lothaire Hucki

Pic by Lothaire Hucki

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2008 parts now shipping worldwide.

Yo… finally our long awaited 2008 parts line is shipping worldwide & is available in some countries now. France have received theirs now & other countries are soon to follow.

Check out these sneak peaks of some of our stuff available any day now with the great colours on offer. Get them while they last at a decent BMX shop near you.

Official Stems now available in other colours plus the Pale Red.

Check out our colours for the Transformer lever…

The Transformer Trigger lever (in Pale Blue)

Konka barends in the limited edition Purple.

MVP Forks. Yes, that light & still lifetime warranty.

Official Forks in our limited edition Metallic Purple.

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Ride UK article…

Check out the article Ride UK just did on my dealings with running Colony here.


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Pool Session…

James Steele sent me some cool pics of a pool him & John Heaton found & sessioned recently. Enjoy.




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Steve Woodward… welcome to the team.

For a while now I have been flowing Steve some Colony parts when ever he needed them. I finally got to meet him recently at Interbike & got along with rather well with him. Steve had told me he wasn’t happy with his current deal & would be stoked to rep for Colony.

So, Steve is now our newest team rider for Colony. Expect to see him around on a Bloody Oath frame & bars loaded with other fine Colony merchandise. Steve will also be on our first Colony team trip in the states in a week or two… more on that soon.

Welcome to the team Steve !!





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Got pads?

Christian ‘red dogg’ Noskoff couldn’t resist but to feel the power of Kenny’s knee pads a few days ago… looking the part for sure Christian !!


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Now in Sydney…

Yesterday we did the mad dash from Melbourne to Sydney & got in rather late to the Central Coast to Triplesix HQ We will hang here for a few days now before we go back to good old Brisbane.

Along the way we stopped at a cool submarine in Holbrook, NSW & stretched our legs. We snapped a few tourist pics & then went on our way.




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In Melbourne now

We arrived into Melbourne on Sunday & have been riding around checking out some cool spots the last few days. We checked out the famous Flemington Banks on Sunday which was great to finally ride. We then had a quick session at Kensington Spine after Liam & Mick showed us their street skills. Pretty impressive.

Today we went to Strictly BMX & checked out there new shop… very cool to see. We then went to Werribee & rode an awesome street style park… very fun indeed.

Tomorrow we going riding more & I will post more news when I get time…




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Bendigo Jam

Sorry it’s a few days late but on Saturday just gone we were all at the Bendigo Jam. It was a pretty wild time for sure. Some good riding went down & some wild times. Not much to write here but here are a couple pics from the jam.




Yo yo !!

Checking in from the road.

We dropped into a small town called Warwick late yesterday & checked out the local park. Matt King had ridden it before for some demos & said it was really bad. So that just made us want to check it out even more! We wepleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as first thought. Well, good enough to stretch our legs at anyway. Richo spotted some quarter that he wanted to flair & we laughed at him. Lately he has been flairing all kinds of weird ramps & the smaller the better. This one was his smallest. 4 feet & mellow & then right after he did a 3 feet quarter as well. It was pretty damn awesome. The locals were impressed & we then headed to the bottle shop for some roadies. Word.


Excuse my poor photo expertise… Richo & a flair.



Yo yo !!

On the road again…

Myself, Richo & Matt King are about to drive down to Bendigo for the jam down there this weekend then head down to Melbourne. Should be a fun trip for sure. We will also meet Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Kenny Raggett & Pete Radivo down there. Colony will be in the house. Yeah !!

I will post reports as we go…


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New Bikes Bonanza!!

shitheap1.jpgWell, seeing as Millar Posted Just after me there, I thought that I would post a pic of my new custom Blue frame as well. It’s a yet to be named Colony prototype, made out of high grade high strength Steel, custom mods, brakeless, Airless tyres for less weight, Custom seatpost height for sit down wheelies, Brakeless, of course!! Custom screw on extra extra lightweight frame standers, low air resistance peddles, extra high length gooseneck for turndowns and Leary’s!! Anyways, not too sure weather this Bad Boy wil go into production, gotta wait and see if BMX Plus will do a bike shootout on it first, heres hoping, bwahahaha!!! Mwwaarrffwwaarkkkaa!!

My new bike…

Today I arrived back from the states & put together a nice new MVP frame & MVP forks.

What is so special about this frame you ask? Well, I had Robert Lewis from, Lewis & Sons Purest Finishes, powder coat my new frame a nice Baby Blue. One of my favourite bikes of recent years was my old WTP Thrillseeker in Baby Blue with Silver forks & Black bars. I wanted to re-create that old bike in my new set up & I like how it turned out.

Contact Robert Lewis (as seen in Rebelyell BMX Magazine) on 07 3899 1277 for all your powder coating excellence needs. Robert specialises in old school restorations & new school creations.






Yo yo !!


So whats up homies, how are things!!?? Just thought that I would update with a few pics, Zombie Mike and I went for a lil bit of a ride last week, anyways, we got so parched that we had to go to starky’s (a local daytime wateringhole on the main street here in Auckland, Queen Street) Following that we needed a full feed so we went to Burgerfuel which was up the road, anyways, to cut a long story short, there was this guy there making blow up animals for kids out of balloons, we dared him to make a BMX out of balloons and as you can see in the pics, here’s his result!! bwahahaha!!






I did some babysitting other week as well, my Nutbar niece and nephew, Caleb and Alyssa, here they are eating their dinner under the watchful eye of their uncle Haimona. ahaha!!



Also, heres some shots from a few evenings thats been going down here in the 09, nothing but summery beaches with beers and shit, and Wazman and myself roasting the airtime in some afternoon sessions takin from video footy!! Bring on friggin summer here in NZ!!






Sect Limited Edition Complete

The Sect Limited edition complete bikes will soon be shipping worldwide. We released the first sample of these very high end bikes at Interbike recently with some very favourable responses. There are only 75 of these being produced for the entire world.

It comes in an amazing Metallic Blue & is stocked with some of our best parts as well as parts from companies like wethepeople & Primo. Check out the products section for full details of the spec list.

The Sect complete bike should be available in selected countries November 1st, 2007.





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Vegas to Long Beach

Today Chris & myself hired a Mustang & drove from Vegas to Long Beach in California. We are going to check out Tip Plus tomorrow before flying home tomorrow night. Here are a few random pics Chris took while driving along.




The Muu-tang… even Schneider said it was cool. haha.

Yo yo !!

New park on the Gold Coast

Here are some concept pics released on the new park getting planned for Nerang on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Construction should start by the end of the year… looks like we will have another great place to ride soon.






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Bloody Oath Frame

Nick Richardson’s signature frame, the Bloody Oath, will soon be shipping worldwide. We had them on display at Interbike in Vegas & the feedback was very positive. Expect to see this Full Post Heat Treated 4.29 lbs (1,950 grams) beauty in stores sometime in the next 4 weeks. Some countries will get them even sooner. Look out for it in 21 or 21.25″ sizes & in Black, White, Metallic Bloody Red & Metallic Purple. Check the products pages for more info.

Here is a pic of a Bloody Oath built up from our friend Nick Kajewski. I will post full detailed pics of the production frame soon.

Yo yo !!

Flatland Jam today…


Shane Badman in Portugal

Shane just dropped me a report from his recent trip…

Hey Clint,

Just got back from the Remax Fieldcontrol contest in Portugal. It was held in Portimao in the far south of the country where the worlds and other big contests have been over the years. The guys put a lot of effort into the weekend constructing a massive tent over the riding area and putting down about 30m2 of ply floor. Picked up and dropped off at the airport, crazy parties and good friends and that’s not to mention how awesome the beaches are…

I got The Cube built just a day before leaving for the contest and didn’t really get a chance to ride it properly until the day of the qualifiers. Rode it like crazy and got used to it really quick. The frame is sharp and responsive, but also really stiff and with plenty of room in all the right places. Being light-weight, it’s super easy to move around and takes little effort to get this bad boy moving. It got a lot of really positive comments from the other riders and people were really stoked on its simplicity and function.

Qualifiers went well. Pulled most of my stuff during my run and even some new stuff that I’ve just learnt. I wasn’t around for the results, but Frank Lucas told me I got third – stoked!

Results were only scored down to 5th place so I’m not sure where I placed. Despite all this, had a really good time, got to ride at an awesome spot hung out with friends and made some new ones. The Cube did it’s job super well, people were psyched on it and now it’s time to go think up some new tricks to learn.






Pics from Interbike

Interbike 2007 started today in full force here in Vegas. Here are some pics of our stuff for 2008 on display at the Tip Plus booth # 5151.

Check back tomorrow for more pics…







Yo yo !!

Colony cranks?

I have been working on these for over a year & a half now & I thought it was time to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. These are our own special design from the spindle up.

Features include…

Factory pressed two piece design.
Full heat treated crmo arms & spindle.
Super hollowed out 19mm 48 splined spindle with crank bolt to match.
Prototype tested weight is 755 grams (1.66lbs) for arms & spindle, no Titanium involved so expect them to be affordable.

More info soon enough… release date September 2008.



Yo yo !!

Matt King on Colony flow

I have been helping out Matt King now for a while ever since he had a bike stolen a few years ago. When it came time to have someone test one of the first Bloody Oath frames I flowed one to Matt to test & it’s still going fine today.

Matt is now officially a part of the flow team for Colony & has just put together a Hell Stallion prototype frame to test for us. It looks pretty good we think… but check the pics yourself.

Matt also has a small section in the bonus footage of our new roadtrip DVD, ‘A Month In The Life Of’ I love watching Matt ride… such an awesome style. Check it out in stores everywhere in the coming weeks.







Yo yo !!

A Month In The Life Of – World Premiere

If you’re going to be in Vegas for Interbike this coming week & wanna check out our new roadtrip DVD – A Month In The Life Of – then come to the Tip Plus booth 5151.
Starts around 3.30pm (loosely) on Thursday 27th September & we will have the world premiere showing.

Tip will also have the new Primo roadtrip DVD showing too. If these are still not enough reasons to come along then we will also have a keg of beer as well… now I got your attention hey?


Yo yo !!

Ryan’s new backyard ramp

Here is a video from featuring a BBQ session Ryan had to break in his new backyard ramp a couple weekends ago. Enjoy.