New Colony advert…

Here is the new advert featuring Ryan Guettler & his line of signature products as well as our ground breaking Oneway Pegs.

Ryan’s Unlucky13 Bars, Official Forks, Sprocket & Stem are available worldwide right now. The stem has even been popping up on a few pro’s bike checks of late too, proving it is one of the most sought after stems on the market today.

This advert will feature in Ride BMX USA, 2020 BMX as well as Focalpoint BMX magazines.


Our Oneway pegs feature a unique internal design which makes them very light. They are basically thicker on the bottom where you grind & thinner on top where you don’t. See the pic below for what I mean. Simple. Another Colony original design.





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Richo loving the states.

Richo just sent me a quick email to say that he is having a blast hanging at Ryan’s place in Greenville & has extended his trip now another few weeks. So we wont be seeing Nick at Beenleigh anytime soon just yet.

Richo also sent me a pic of himself getting tattooed… pretty crazy sleeve work.

Pic courtesy of Guettler

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Epic BMX

Long time Colony supporter, Epic BMX, held ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD premiere on December 1st. They also had a jam with cool little comps like a bunny hop comp & a game of foot down.

Check out their site for a little news report on the day at

Many thanks go out to Epic BMX & Tip Plus for organising such a cool day.

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Weekend in Tasmania

I just spent the weekend in Tasmania chilling with family without my bike. For those that don’t know where Tasmania is check a map of Australia & see that little Island at the bottom? Well, that’s Tassie as us Aussies affectionately know it as.

It was great to relax without my bike for once & just do the tourist things that ‘normal’ people do. I checked out a few cool spots like Brady’s Lookout where we saw an Echidna going about his daily routine. Pretty cool to see. While driving back from there I saw this cool little park in a small town called, Beaconsfield.

I also checked out Tassie’s only BMX shop in Launceston called, Highroller BMX. It’s ran by a local rider named Brad & was really cool to see. If your ever there you HAVE to drop in & buy something or die. haha.

All in all it was a nice relaxed weekend & now I head home to turn around & go to Taiwan tomorrow… my travel never ends it seems !!






Even bushrangers need to have rails to ride.



Highroller BMX carry Colony & wethepeople as well as many other cool brands.



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Angela’s latest Purple set up

I caught up with Angela Dobbie yesterday down at Crossley Cycles to hook her up with some of our limited edition Purple parts. Her bike now has Purple overload but looks great I think. She now has a Purple Official stem, Konka Bar Ends, Oneway Pegs, Mid Seat to match her Purple custom Sect in 20.25′.

Check out her bike below & then start searching for your favourite parts at your favourite BMX shop now !!






New Colony action figure…coming soon.

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Laser Green Limited Edition Colour

Our next limited edition colourway is the Laser Green pictured below on the Official Sprocket & the Transformer Lever in the Trigger version. These along with our next wave of 2008 parts will be shipping worldwide late in December & so will be available everywhere in January/February depending on what country you live in.

You will be able to get all our parts in this Laser Green as shown including all our forks & bars for your colour co-ordination efforts.



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Frames will now be delayed now until March 2008.

We have had some very stressfull days here working on a problem that has hit us this week.

I am very sad to report that we encountered a problem with our 2008 frames recently shipped worldwide. There has been a manufacturing fault discovered in that the BB shells are ovalised on all Bloody Oath, MVP & Sect frames for 2008. This in turn would make the BB bearings sieze up & not turn freely. This does NOT affect any 2007 model Sect frames out there.

As these frames were not up to our strict quality standards, I made the decision to have them re-called before they hit the markets around the world. I don’t want Colony products out there unless they are absolutely 100% perfect.

This problem does not affect the 2008 Sect Limited Edition complete bike I am happy to report.

I am sorry for the delay this will cause but in March it will be worth the wait. We are having them all made again & making sure this rare problem never occurs again.

I thank everyone out there who has supported Colony from day one. We here at Colony always strive to offer you the best possible products & we will continue to do so.


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Sect Limited Edition Complete Bike

The very special Sect Limited Edition Complete bike is now available in selected countries.

Australia, New Zealand & the USA have them in stores right now. While the UK, Russia & South Korea will have them very soon.

These very high end bikes are limited to only 75 bikes for the entire planet. They will go very fast… so don’t delay in getting yourself one. You will be hard pressed to beat these bikes for straight-out-of-the-box value & performance. Check the products section for full details.





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Interview on

There is a short video interview with myself about Colony on Ryan’s website at

Check it out here if you like…


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More 2008 parts available now in your country.

By now most countries that have Colony Distribution will have received all our 2008 parts lines.

Everything from our Official stem, forks & sprocket to our Bloody Oath Bars, Transformer Levers, Pivotal Seats & Posts, Oneway Pegs & much more is available in a wide range of colours including Black, Pale Blue, Pale Red & the limited edition Purple. The next limited edition colour is Laser Green… a painted finish which looks amazing. I will post pics of this colour in the weeks to come.

Stock is going fast so don’t delay in tracking down your favourite Colony parts.

Transformer Levers in Pale Red, Pale Blue & Black.

Pivotal Post in Pale Red.

Bloody Oath Bars in Metallic Bloody Red, White & Black.

Pivotal Slim Seat.

Official Stem in Black, Pale Red & Pale Blue.

Oneway Pegs in Pale Blue, Black & Pale Red.

New 2008 Sticker Packs.

Official V3 Fork in Black.

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Vans / Colony collaboration Whip 2 shoe in the works…


The last few days I have been hanging out with Jerry Badders the BMX team manager for Vans. Today he showed me around the Vans offices in California & I gotta say it’s a pretty cool set up. It’s a huge place with so much cool stuff to check out. They even have a nice mini ramp set-up as well. Definately BMX friendly too. I also got to check out Guettler’s new Whip 2 shoe in the flesh & it looks pretty damn cool to say the least.

We have been working with Vans now for a few months on a collaboration Whip 2 shoe with Colony & Vans. Expect to see it available Spring 2009 which means available January 2009. So yeah you will have to wait a while but it will be worth the wait.

I will post more info here once it becomes available.




Jerry Badders desk.


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A little late… but better than never.

Last week we visted the Orchid / Littledevil offices in Philly. Liam & Nick wanted to go ‘shopping’ & get some new clothes & shoes. So we all tagged along & checked out the place. We got to see the infamous bowl & yes it looks just as good as you can imagine. Pitty we didn’t have time to ride it at all but was a good tease for sure.

It was cool to see a copy of Focalpoint in the front office on the coffee table. Focalpoint rules & good to see it on the other side of the planet.

Liam & Nick going ‘shopping’



Yeah yeah, FP in the house !!

Mick & friend.

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Custom 2008 Endeavor completes

Strictly BMX have done a cool thing with some of their 2008 Endeavor complete bikes & swapped the forks & bars from each colourway to make some cool customs. Check their website for full details… they also have some Sect frame custom builds available as well.


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Product highlight – Oneway Pegs.

Our Oneway Pegs are growing in popularity the world over & for few good reasons…

1. They are light weight due to their special design & construction. So much so, that some companies feel the need to ‘copy’ our special internal offset design with them being thicker on the bottom where you grind & thinner on the top where you don’t grind. See the diagram for details.


2. They come with the optional built-in chain tensioner that is also removable. Giving you complete freedom on how you run your pegs. See picture below.

3. They come in a great range of colours.


4. They grind just as fast if not faster than traditional crmo or titanium pegs. They also hold up to street use as Liam Fahy-Hampton & Mick Bayzand inform me.



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Bruno Faucon & his new ride.

Bruno Faucon from France sent me a pic of his new ride. His nice new 2008 Bloody Oath Frame with Full Post Heat Treatment technology in 21 inch with Bloody Oath bars, MVP Forks with Official Stem & Sprocket. Looks like a pretty sweet ride to me… I am sure Bruno will be killing it as always on his new beast.

For all your Colony needs in France contact Unleaded BMX they will sort you with the best Colony has to offer at a price you cannot beat in France.



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The all day mauler!!!

ahhh, the weekend just gone was the zombie hop comp, triple six gallery show, and wazman’s halloween party. I’m not really one to enter a hop comp, I’m confident enough in my hop to get up or over anything that may be in my way street, so I was down to take it easy and chill and have a laugh n stuff. A quick early morning stop at the bottle shop on route to the jam and the day got off to a good start!




 I had my money on Simon Palmer and he ended up winning, check the awesome trophy that redbull got done for the winner!! there was an in and out comp and a big game of footdown, All in all it was an awesome time, with a bunch of out of towners making the trip up. The drinks kept flowing into the afternoon so it was time to put the peddle to the metal and get hammered a bit more! A bit later on was the triple 666 gallery show, aha,  there was a keg of ice cold beer as well as lots of new products from a bunch of companies that 666 do, they just picked up Fremont clothing so it was cool to see all that stuff, and of course, a bunch of buzzy stuff from Colony!! Lester from Quitechoas had a bunch of cool clothing there as well. Big ups to Justin from Redbull, 666 mike, Zombie Mike and Lester for an awesome time!





Whew, still, the drinking kept going and it was time to head shore side to Wazman’s halloween party. Can’t really remember much from the party hay, lots of people laughing and getting RAD on the loose juice! The one pic that I got was this one of the wazman looking bloody scary as shit!! aha, his outfit actually looked normal on him, guess it went pretty well with his Misfit’s Tattoo!


Lastly, was at the beach the other day and there was a family of ducks swimming along the shoreline, ducks at the beach?? whats next!!?? topless girls sunbathing!!?? ahaha, bring on suuummmeerrrrr!!!….


BMX life in Greenville

The BMX lifestyle in Greenville is pretty damn good.

Colin Mackay said it well by saying, ‘Everyday is a Saturday here.’ Which you couldn’t describe it better I think. Every night is a party night since no one has to ‘work’ the next day as such. They party & hang out till late at night, get up late, then go ride all afternoon & into the night then do it all over again. Pretty good way to live I say.

It can also afford you some cool toys & a nice place to live as well. Guettler’s place is amazing to say the least. You couldn’t ask for more I think. Check out Ryan’s house and a few of his toys. Not bad for riding a little kid’s bike.





The Greenville I have experienced so far is nothing like what most people assume it is. Definately a chilled relaxed vibe that is so much fun to be amoungst than some crazy BMX training ground.

Ryan’s dog, Dagger.

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Colours anyone?

Most countries should have the 2008 colour range for Official sprockets, Oneway pegs & our Pivotal posts in stock now. Here are a few samples of the colours available.


Note the Gold won’t be available until early 2008.

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Halloween in Greenville

Last night we experienced our first Halloween dressing up for the occasion. It was plenty of fun & I can see why it’s a popular thing over here. Check out our costumes… we had 4 hunters, a pimp, an airline pilot, a halloween monster & a true blue aussie. Good times for sure.

Matt King, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Toby Matthews, Ryan Fudger, myself, Mick Bayzand, Sullivan the dog, Colin Mackay & Richo.

Josh Harrington the Zombie BMXer.

new school Ryan Nyquist & oldschool Ryan Nyquist.

Guettler’s girl, Hope.

A taste of home… Vegemite rules.

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Report from Greenville


We finally made it to Greenville, NC yesterday. We are experiencing pro-town USA first hand & I gotta say it’s lives up to it’s name. We rode Jaycee park yesterday which was awesome to do. I only wish I wasn’t so tired from driving all day so I could’ve had a better ride.

Today we were lucky enough to check out Ryan Nyquist’s The Unit. This place rules, period. So many good lines & such a relaxed session. I was stoked to be there for sure. Liam even learnt flairs on the box jump take off. So good to see.


Colin Mackay with THE key to The Unit.

Tonight as I write this I just lost at poker in Guettler’s personal poker room in his attic. Good times for sure.




Tomorrow hopefully we get to ride Mirra’s warehouse which will be an experience.

Yo yo !!

Trip update…

A couple days ago we rode the most amazing street any of us have ever experienced. The college in Athens, GA is totally amazing. Words cannot describe it. Liam & Mick totally killed it. Massive icepick grinds, 17 stair round rail psi rides to name a few. Even Richo & myself slid a bunch of rails. I haven’t any pics right now to post but there will be heaps to see in Ride BMX magazine & also in the web videos we will edit up from the trip. Stay tuned.

We were at the Baco Jam yesterday which was awesome to see as well. So much good riding & so much eye candy for all. The halloween party after was totally amazing. We gotta start doing halloween like that back home.

Tonight we start the drive to Greenville, NC & will be riding there for the next 3 days before heading to Woodward East. But not before the real halloween party on Wednesday night. Yeah yeah !!




Crap photo I know but you get the idea.

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Random pics from our US trip so far

Here are a few random pics that Guettler took so far on our trip over here in the US. Ryan himself had to leave for a few days but will meet back up with us soon in Greenville, NC.

Nick Richardson, Dave Freimuth, Toby Matthews, Ryan Guettler, myself, Mick Bayzand, Steven Woodward, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Matt King.

The title says it all, Richo in full effect.

Richo doing a flair in The Factory Skatepark in Newnan, GA.

I finally got to ride one of these set-ups & loved it.

Today we had an amazing day exploring the street spots here in Athens, GA. Tomorrow we will go back & hit them all up. Should be an amazing day. We will then head back to Orlando for Baco Jam.

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A little late…

We are now in Athens, GA. Yesterday we rode the No Name Park in Greenville, SC for a session to hide from the rain. The day before that we rode The Factory Skatepark to get away from the rain. At The Factory we rode for like 8 hours which was pretty good to do so. I will post some pics once Guettler emails them to me.

Now its finally good weather, so we’re going to check out the concrete park here in Athens & then go ride some street. Should be fun. More pics & posts soon.

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Toast ‘N’ Visitors!

Whats up Internet! wowsers, we just got back fromn the annual T.O.A.S.T ( Too Old After Sixteen!) Jam in Wellington, it was it’s tenth year anniversary, so it was a bit of a doozy! Myself,  zombie mike, Lester from quietchaos and Sir Smokealot himself The Wazman all went down, we stopped in at my Bach on our way down, and chilled, did some quality reading, wazman found this picture of an ‘ASS’ that he wants to get tattooed on him, and zombie mike caught up on some ideas for his garden, we chilled in the hotpools hard as well, bye bye aches and pains! we arrived at toast jam on friday evening, thanks mike lips for letting us stay at your house!! Basically riders from around the country come together to hangout, do a bit of riding, quite a bit of eating, and a whole lot of partying! lookout for a full rundown and some pics in an upcoming issue of 20/20 bmx magazine sometime soon! Also attached is a pic of our drink of choice! ahaha, it has the word ‘RAD’ in it, friggin sweet shit!reading.jpgzombie-mike.jpgradler.jpgass.jpg


Oh yeah, had a visitor the other day as well, Taj came to stay all the way from Austin, he came over to hangout, ride his road bike, chill at the beach and basically re-charge his batteries. I haven’t seen him in ages so it was really good to have him stay and catch up. thats all for now, peace homies!


Arrived in Atlanta now.

We left Orlando today but not before dropping in to check out Chad DeGroot’s Mesh Skatepark & Pro shop. This place is amazing !! Definately one of the best parks we have ever seen & an amazing shop as well. Pitty it was too hot & we were on a time schedule to ride but we will be back on the weekend for Baco.

While we were there a UPS truck arrived & in the back was a Colony Sect frame box… it ended up being the prizes from Colony for Baco on the weekend. It was awesome to see a Colony box being delivered in the US. Stoked. Big thanks to Tip Plus for getting out the prizes so fast.

Tomorrow we will hit the streets of Atlanta & some parks as well. Looking forward to finally riding our bikes. Check back for more updates tomorrow.


Ryan & Nick posing for my blurred photo at Mesh.



Yo yo !!

Mick & Liam bling…

Mick & Liam bought themselves some blinging watches today at the mall. That how we roll. Yeah yeah !!


Yo yo !!

Party time in Orlando

Last night was a huge night for all of us. So much random stuff happened, like this guy that pulled up beside us in his blinging car & showed off his Lamborgini style doors to us for no reason at the lights. Crazy.

We all felt it today that’s for sure. All good though & totally a really fun time. The finals for street were cool to see. The level of rding was amazing. We are expecting more party time tonight with the official Dew Tour after party.

Tomorrow we head to Atlanta & will actually start to do some riding !! We’re all looking forward to it as we haven’t ridden since leaving Australia 5 days ago.





Chad DeGroot with his wife & moustache.


Yo yo !!

Dew Tour in Orlando

Yesterday we went to the Dew Tour in Orlando & saw some crazy riding go down. It was cool to finally see one of these big comps in person. So many people there & so many friends from around the world. It’s always good to catch up with everyone & talk the shit.

Ryan had some bad luck in dirt though. We arrived just in time to see his first run & he killed it. Then for his second run he went for a double backie off the first set & ended up getting knocked out. He was OK though but unable to finish or ride in street later in the day. I was bummed for him but Ryan being the champ that he is smiled all the while. Ryan rules, period.





Yo yo !!

A Month In The Life Of – DVD

… Is finally back from the duplicators !! It will be shipping to most countries next week. So check with your favourite BMX store in the coming weeks.

The actual roadtrip DVD is 39 mins plus a good little bonus section featuring much of the team. Including great little sections from Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Ryan Guettler, Matt King, Toby Matthews, Nick Richardson, Kenny Raggett & more.




Yo yo !!

Made it to Orlando…finally.

After one of the worst travel ventures I have ever experienced, we finally made it Orlando. What could go wrong, did go wrong, from delayed or cancelled flights to messed up car rentals to messed up hotel bookings, we got it all.

We even experienced American food at it’s worst. We all made good use (or was that bad use?) of the airline food vouchers for our cancelled flights & made pigs of ourselves. Richo & Liam had double western cheese burgers & paid for it later that night. We all felt rather ill today & I swear to never eat that much or that bad again. Richo & Liam couldn’t help themselves & are right back into it. Brave kids.

Tomorrow we head to the Dew Tour to watch, which should be cool. We will hook up with Steve Woodward & Ryan Guettler tomorrow. Ryan qualified 1st in Dirt today with a history making 1080. Can’t wait to see the that in the finals in person.





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