Alex Hiam video in photosPhotos by Henry Harbeck and Wezma

Alex Hiam video in photos

A few months back Alex Hiam dropped one of the heaviest web videos to come out this year so we thought it would be cool to repup it along with some questions with Alex about the filming process for this video part…

How long did you film for this video project?

2 months while Dave stayed at over my house all the way from America.

What was the hardest clip to film and why?

The 180 foot jam whip to fakie to fakie decade. Just to get all the timing / speed / angle right for it all to add up and come together. We tried filming it once before but the sun went down so we went back a week later and got it pretty quick.

Favourite clip from the video?

The over tooth back over 270 on the subrail.

Any random/funny stories from the filming missions?

Yeah heaps haha! The no hander off the roof over the stairs clip. We had to go at 2 am to rip a piece of metal off so we could ride off the roof. We did that and then we had no lights to light the landing , so I parked my car diagonal on the road , so my lights were shining on the ground were I was landing. Super sketchy I couldn’t see anything riding up to the edge off the roof. Felt crazy pedalling off a roof into dark but the feeling was worth it when you would land in light.

Your riding style has changed the past couple of years, what has motivated you to ride more street?

I think the opportunities are endless to where your bike can take you. And only riding skateparks or 1 style could of been holding me back to other possible spots I could potentially ride. I guess just me being more curious on things rather than thinking I know what I’m doing. There’s no right or wrong. I opened up a little bit more and forced things less, and that resulted in more street riding.

When I was younger I would only ride park because I knew that’s what I was best at . If I tried to ride street I would feel uncomfortable and out of my bubble . As I got older I learnt that it doesn’t matter if your the best or worst , as long as your having fun and learning something from it. My riding is always evolving and I’m trying to find a new way to do things different to how I did it before. If I don’t learn something new in a session I feel like I didn’t get my fix . And also because all my friend ride street more , I do that because I’d rather ride with my homies than by myself.

Watch the video below: