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Canberra web video…

Yo… a few weeks ago now a bunch of the team were in Canberra for a riding trip & we documented the action for a web video & an upcoming feature in 2020 BMX magazine.

Here we have the video… click here to see the action first hand.


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Report from Canberra

Here are a few pics from the trip so far. Expect a web video & story in 2020 soon.



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Finally in Canberra

After 3 days of driving while taking it easy, myself & Richo are finally in Canberra. Along the way we dropped into the 2020BMX magazine offices & Hell On Wheels. Both were cool to finally check out. It’s cool to see where all the magic for the mag happens & the shop is awesome too.

There was really bad weather the whole way down from Brisbane but as soon as we arrived into Canberra it cleared up. Perfect. We picked up both Mick Bayzand & Liam Fahy-Hampton from the airport & will be heading to check out Backbone BMX in the morning. Backbone is the centre of the BMX scene in Canberra & from what I’ve heard is one of the coolest BMX shops in Australia. Can’t wait to check it out. Then we’re hitting the streets. Yeah yeah !! Check back in the next days for news from our exploits here.


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Random shots…

I went out for a bit of an unexpected rail mission the other day with John Buultjens from Forgotten Bikes & Alex Hiam our flow team rider & got these quick shots. Nothing crazy but I was pretty stoked I did these first try.  

Photo credit Alex Hiam

Photo credit John Buultjens

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Interview on Red BMX

There has been a quick interview with myself posted on the Canadian website ran by David Hawthorne from RedBMX Magazine. Click here now to check it out. 


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I see red…I see red…I see red.

Split Enz were right when they sang that song back in the ’80’s. Check here for proof. Thanks to Christian for the fine edit. haha.

Oh yeah… we also make some damn fine (if I don’t say so myself) parts available now in Red all over the planet.


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It’s roadtrip time !! Myself & Richo are heading off to Sydney for the BMX Games in the morning… should be an awesome time.

If you’re in Sydney this weekend you should come & hang out at Olympic Park for the 2008 BMX Games

Make sure you come & check out the Colony BMX Mini Ramp Jam on the 26th January… what a way to celebrate Australia Day. Word.


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Day Trip to Australia Zoo

A few days ago I went to Australia Zoo up the Sunshine Coast & here are some random pics from the day… enjoy.





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Another new ride…

Well, since it seems to be the week of making up new bikes, here is another very new set up… courtesy of Cooper Brownlee & Scott Greentree of Focalpoint Check over on the Focalpoint site for a better quality image of my new bike.

Something very different for me that’s for certain… perhaps even some kind of mid-life crisis? Either way… it’s going to be a challenge that I welcome.


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Ride UK article…

Check out the article Ride UK just did on my dealings with running Colony here.


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Vegas to Long Beach

Today Chris & myself hired a Mustang & drove from Vegas to Long Beach in California. We are going to check out Tip Plus tomorrow before flying home tomorrow night. Here are a few random pics Chris took while driving along.




The Muu-tang… even Schneider said it was cool. haha.

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