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Alex Hiam update

Yo !

Last week I flew to Melbourne for two Events going down in the same week that I wanted to be apart of. So I figured why not , I love Melbourne it’s such a amazing city , any reason to be there is good ! I was staying at Cooper Brownlees house , the Filmer for Colony BMX. We ended up filming a lot with our spare time and had a really productive week. I will have a new clip from my week in Melbourne dropping sometime in the next 2 weeks.

At the start of the week was Bendigo Bmx Jam that was for a Connections BMX shop . It was a awesome turn out and good to meet all the homies and ride with everyone. Then at the end of my stay there was another BMX jam that was a Street ride through the city. good to see so many Riders apart of it. I attached some photos from my week in Melbourne.

On the January 7th of Jan I go on a big roadtrip with some of the team for a week. It’s a shop Tour from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra stopping at all main skateparks that Colony will be having big Jams at. And filming and shooting pics along the way and promoting my Signature frame , bars, forks & seat.

Mid Jan when I arrive home and My homie Dave from America is coming to stay at my house to film a new edit from Jan – Febuary. I filmed a lot with him when I was in USA this year and stoked to have him coming out and to be able to show him our amazing country. Gonna be good times. We have planned our own little road trip from Feb 1 – 12th. we are taking a week to drive down to SYD , Stopping at all the beaches etc. then spending 4 days in Sydney… Then finishing it off at a concert we all booked tickets for. I will be taking my little car and we will be camping the whole way there, Filming our own Web video.

Super Excited..

Then March I’m off to France to compete in Fise World coatest.



Alex’s most recent video…

Alex Hiam Sweet Tooth frame giveaway

To celebrate the release of Alex’s recent video promoting his new frame we are giving away 1 of them. All you have to do is follow both us (@colonybmxbrand) and Alex (@alexhiam) on Instagram along with reposting the image with the #colonysweettooth and you will go into the draw to win a Sweet Tooth frame.

Thanks Andrew Mapstone for the photo.

colony alex frame giveaway

Instavids – Paddy Gross, Ricky C and Alex Hiam

Clip each with @swaggy_fulton ? @tyson.preece #bmx #ozz

A video posted by Richard Catanzariti (@ricky_cansospaghetti) on

New Product – Alex Hiam combo seat

The latest version of Alex’s combo seat is now available. The popular combo seat size and look along with some fresh new embroidery. More photos and info here.



Alex Hiam in Melbourne

Alex has been staying with me for the week whilst we work on some more projects and it’s been really productive, he heads home in a couple days but here are a few images from the week just been…




A video posted by @vansaustralia on

Alex Hiam – Sweet Tooth promo

Today we are stoked to drop this fresh new video from Alex Hiam shot by Troy Charlesworth over 5 sessions. Alex’s Sweet Tooth line which includes bars, frame and forks are all available now across the world so hit up your local shop or mail-order for the goods.

Bendigo Jam

Some of the crew road tripped it up to Bendigo yesterday for the jam we helped put on with Connections BMX. The turnout was pretty overwhelming which in turn created some pretty awesome riding. Here’s a few photos from the day…





Alex Hiam’s Sweet Tooth range

In a couple weeks you are going to be in for a treat with Alex releasing a new video part that he has been filming recently with Troy Charlesworth. The footage the guys have collected is really amazing so I can’t wait to see it all finished up. For now you can check out his current ride below which includes the 9.4 version of his signature bars along with the Sweet Tooth frame and forks.

alex bars 9.4

alex bike

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 3.39.28 pm

Alex Hiam video

Whilst Alex was in the USA recently he spent some time with his good friend Boyd Hilder and filmer Dave Pendleton in San Fransisco and came back with a pretty amazing video filled with some great diverse riding from both of the guys. Make sure you check this out…

Instavids – Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes, Jourdan Barba & Chris Courtenay

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys,

I just got home from my 3 months in the USA. It feels so good to be home, I am here in Brisbane for the next 3 months enjoying the summer, taking some time off the next week or two, to rest my bruised heel and swollen elbows. The constant travelling and filming in America took it’s toll… what a great feeling to have some downtime for the next couple of days.

The next 6 weeks I will be filming a promo Video for a My signature frame, bars, forks & seat the “sweetooth” with Colony BMX & Troy Charsleworth. This will be online December 1st.

I’ll also be filming for the Vans DVD during the next couple of months around Australia… looking forward to the next couple of months just as much as I was before I left for America.

Here’s what went down the past 3 months in USA:

20th July: Arrived in USA. For the first month, I stayed at Ryan Guettler’s house in Costa Mesa, California. 8 weeks prior to USA, I ruptured my spleen and bled 1.5 litres internally from a dirt jump crash; I then underwent surgery and recovered enough to ride. I boarded the plane and started riding again for the first time in America.

2 weeks later I competed in the biggest contest all year for me the US OPEN inventional Bowl contest that goes down at Huntington Beach Pier, California. I got invited as an alternate Rider and I was fortunate enough to place in the contest then I made it into the Finals. I fell a couple of times in my final runs and didn’t place on podium…. I think the lack of riding in the 3 months leading up this made me not as confident or as prepared as I could’ve been. I still felt like I rode good but my fitness was not up to my usual standard and made this contest a real struggle for me. During the contest, medics on site said I had a lot of fluid still around my whole abdominal area because of the operation and work that went on. I am so stoked I got the opportunity to ride in this contest with all my favourite riders and idols. I learned so much and am already getting ready for the coming year. Here is a behind the scene video we filmed.

I also got be on Live TV on KTLA live one of LA’s biggest news station.

Straight after US open I drove to Woodward west camp with my friend Boyd Hilder to practice for the next contest coming up. We met a new friend David Pednelton whilst we were there. David was staying at Woodward for Media camp and had to film a video so we teamed up and filmed this video during our week

It was a fun week with the kids at Woodward. I also filmed a How to video.

Straight after Woodward I flew over the country to Virginia Beach to compete in the invitational Vans East Coast Contest. I was really happy on how I rode. I felt so much healthier and more confident than I was at US open. It was much easier being more prepared. I also learned as many things at US open that I could, to help me in this contest. I made the Finals and ended up placing 8th. There are some photos and video footage from this event attached.

I arrived back to home base in California and filmed some clips with Justin Kozman that week for the Vans bmx DVD. I was super stoked to be apart of the DVD.

The next week, September 7, I planned a trip with my friend Boyd Hilder to San Fran. We went for one week with our friend Dave we met at Wooward ( the filmer ). Dave is the same age as us and rode BMX also. He had a place for us to stay in San Fran and knew his way around. I got him a flight from Utah to LAX so he was able to come the whole way from LA to San Fran and back and documented the whole thing. Colony and Mankind ( our sponsors ) paid for the hire car and we covered the rest. Dave agreed to edit and make a full video in return of the flight. He knew the city really well and took us to all crazy spots. It was a super busy and amazing week.

As soon as the San Fran trip was over, I went to Las Vegas for a week for Interbike & Nora Cup. Vegas was crazy to say the least! It was good to have the week off to rest have a good rest there.

September 21 – 27th I went on a Colony road trip to Oregon stopping at all shops and skateparks & filmed for a team video that will be dropping some time soon! Portland is amazing!

Next 2 weeks I spent in Cali, surfing every morning, recovering and taking it easy. After a while I was able to ride again and filmed this video with TCU right before I flew home.

All round I had the most amazing time of my life, I got to see many cool spots that I had always seen and heard about… I will never forget this trip. It had its ups & downs, with constant struggle with swollen elbows and bruised heels, but it was definitely all worth it. I learned so much and feel so grateful to be back home now. More than ever ready for next year !!

Thanks to all the homies that helped along the way and let me stay on there couches and helped out !!!!

Thanks to Vans for all the amazing opportunities to ride these contest and travel.

Thanks to Colony for the on going support and taking me to Oregon & Vegas !

Thanks to Fox for making it possible for me to Fly to these contest and travel. 


Alex Hiam webisode

Alex hung out with Adam22 from TCU for the day in Long Beach along with Victor and Pinelli who all came through with some great clips. Alex just arrived back in Australia but Pinelli is there for a few more weeks so if you see him around make sure you hit him up.

Sweet Tooth Pro video

A close up look at the all new 2016 Alex Hiam signature Sweet Tooth Pro complete bike which is available now via your favourite shop or mail order. You can find out even more about the bikes right here.

Shred The Rez video

Our very own Chris Bracamonte put together this video for RIDE BMX of the recent Shred The Rez comp/jam that went down at Pala park in California. Keith Treanor had a big hand in making this day happen so I am stoked to see it all went well. Both Victor and Alex have clips throughout..

Shred The Rez !!

Our main man Keith Treanor worked for months on his first event along with Dave Brumlow & the Shred The Rez was the end result.

It went down this weekend & here is the first of many video’s to come out from the day no doubt.

Looks like good times were had by all. Look out for clips of our own Victor Salazar & Alex Hiam in the mix. BMX = fun.

Shred The Res Video Highlights – More BMX Videos

Yo yo !!

Instavids – JK, Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes and Ricky C.

A few recent Instavids from some of the guys…

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathantsykes) on

Alex Hiam bike check

The France based BMX website Data BMX posted up an interview/bike check with Alex Hiam today. It’s all in French but even if you can’t read it you can peep the nice shots of his rig. Check it out here.



Sweet Tooth frame

A couple fresh clips of Alex Hiam rocking the 2016 Sweet Tooth frame.

Alex Hiam @ Woodward West

If you follow Alex on Instagram you would know he is travelling around the USA right now with Boyd. Well he spent some time at Woodward West and as you would expect he shredded! Good to see him using every part of the place….

Edited by Dave Pendleton.

Happy birthday Alex !!

It’s Alex Hiam’s 20th birthday today, happy birthday mate !!

Alex is over in the states right now & on the east coast for a Vans Invitational contest doing what we all love, riding bikes.

Hit him up on Instagram @alexhiam & wish him happy birthday.

His brand new 2016 range of Sweet Tooth lines has landed in Australia this week & hits USA stores in 2 weeks time. The rest of the world will have them in the weeks ahead.



Alex Hiam – Day in the Life

More from Alex over in California in the form of a day in the life video. Good to see him doing well over there and making the most of it.

FOD session

We met up with Alex at the FOD trails yesterday evening for a golden hour session and it was a real treat! Shooting photos during this time of day in California is priceless. Alex was pretty beat from the day before but he still got a session in and Nathan was doing kickouts and tables as usual…




Alex Hiam update

Hey guys! I am currently in California for the next 2 months with Boyd Hilder. We are here riding the U.S. open Vans invitational Bowl contest at Huntington Beach this week! It’s gonna be a hella good time lots of sunshine and smiles. We are staying at Ryan Guettlers for the next week then going else where after that!!!

The past week I have had a hurt foot from getting my foot caught in the frame/crank doing a fakie. So I have been resting it But the physios at the vans contest are treating me and I have just started to ride again for this contest. Hope it holds up!!! Today was our first practice, I’m really liking the course !!

Here’s some pictures from my first week in Cali.







Alex Hiam off to the USA

Alex Hiam heads off to the USA today for a few months to ride his bike. Alex has been killing it as of late, so will be awesome to see what stuff he get’s done riding wise while over there. Check his Insta @alexhiam & our own for updates @colonybmxbrand

His full range of signature parts drops in September this year including his latest version of the ever popular Sweet Tooth Frame. Look out for his Sweet Tooth Forks & Sweet Tooth Bars to match & his already popular Alex Hiam Seat/Post Combo.




Yo yo !!

Sweet Tooth bars review

RIDE posted up a review of Alex’s signature bars which have just come out. Check it right here.


Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !!

The past month I have been taking it easy, trying to rest and relax as much as possible to make sure I can heal as quick as possible.(spleen removed) I have been getting into photography a lot, Drawing and painting to pass my time.

But now I am finally back on the bike. It’s been 4 weeks since my Operation and my Surgeon has given me the all clear to start easing back into riding. I couldn’t be more stoked !!! I have to take it real slow at first because my scars are still healing and stretching. I am training at P2P fitstop a couple of days a week. p2p fitstop is a personal trained workout that strengthens my body for BMX.

I fly to the USA in two weeks so I got lucky enough to get some Labour – Tiling work right before I leave with a good friend Clint Bensley to save for my travels.

I have a lot of good things to look forward to in USA.. I am in California for 3 months doing Vans Contest , Recon contest & more !!! Super Excited.



Alex Hiam FOX video

Wow, Wow…Wow! Alex went in! Shoutout to Troy Charlesworth and FOX for making this happen, it came out great. Alex really came through with some amazing creative moves in this video. Mr Hiam should be back on the bike in a few weeks just in time for his world trip so be on the look out for more goodies from him soon…

Instavids – Alex Hiam

Alex is already coming good from his recent crash that ruptured his spleen and should be back on the bike later this month. Here we have a few clips that didn’t make the cut for his up coming FOX video. Filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth.

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Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !! Hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend. I have been out on a mission with Troy Charlseworth filming a lot for a Fox project. Stoked with the clips we’ve got so far, And have some cool trips planned for it.

I am currently working 2 weeks Labouring, mixing concrete for Clint Kernal Bensley. It’s bloody hard work but I like it, Just feels like a free workout haha! I also just booked flights over seas with Boyd Hilder. We plan to goto England, Compete in NASS, Germany , Then go to USA for 3 months !! Coouldn’t be more stoked thanks Jay Dean at flight centre Victoria Point for the deal !

Check all videos from the past month on my instagram @alexhiam




Alex Hiam breaking boundaries

Good to see Alex back killing it in this FOX video that dropped today, loved the tooth to tuck he does at Bondi, so awesome!