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The Village jam

Alex and Tim both have good clips in this video from a jam that was put on at The Village a couple months back.

Alex Hiam smashing it!

Alex went in super hard for this new video, almost 6 minutes of absolute hammers. Shout to Dave Pendleton for filming and editing this…

Alex Hiam & Tim Storey GoPro session

Alex and Tim get in a session at Fairfield park in Brisbane and film the good times on their GoPro. Plenty of smooth lines in this.

Alex Hiam @ The Village

Alex drops some serious heat in his new video filmed at The Village with Lewis Mills. Put together by Ben Norris. Check it out…

Instavids – Alex Hiam. Luke Parker & Anthony Napolitan

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Instagram video feed #3

Another week or so of stacked clips from some of the crew, check it out…

Alex Hiam’s current ride

Alex’s current rig, stacked with Colony product including the Sweet Tooth range of parts.



Instavids – Alex Hiam, Jack Kelly & Anthony Napolitan

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Alex Hiam update

Yo guys ! It’s been another crazy 2 months… I have been riding and Filming non stop with my buddies. I have had a couple of friends stay at my house to film and ride so I have been really productive lately.

Whilst filming for my new project I shot some more photos with a local Photographer Henry Harbeck to release when the Edit goes online. Most Likey a 4-5 minute video Exclusive to along with a photo gallery. It is all finished Just getting it Edited up now.

Towards the End of March I flew to Sydney for a week to see Rapper Kendrick Lamar play and Film more clips with my friend Ben Norris for my new Video .. Was a super fun week. it was my Third time in Sydney This year !!

@BakosPhoto from ENDLESS MAG was in Brisbane from UK so i met up with him and shot a couple of pictures while he was in town.

At the start of April I flew to Melbourne for a week For a FOX Athlete camp. Fox flew all the Fox athletes from all sports together and we filmed and shot photos for the new Range. I got to go wake Boarding and Down hill Biking which was sweet. The point was to catch up with the rest of the FOX family,athletes and Staff, and educate us on FOX’s direction and vision for the future. Super excited to be apart of it all…

After I got home, Mid March I had my friend 15 year old friend Ben stay at mine for a week to finish filming for my next edit. We rode the streets and skateparks all day everyday was super productive and fun to show the homie around Brisbane. Its amazing how Young and smart & talented he is. We also Filmed a Video at the indoor skatepark at The Village which be online this week. Was a treat to have some creative young vibes around . Stoked on the Creative stuff we filmed. Ben also came down to film the Jam I held at a local skatepark in brisbane .. The video will be online soon.

16 april Myself and my best friend Boyd Hilder Held another Jam at Moray field skatepark. We called it Why Not Again ( first one was WHY NOT JAM ) after how great our first Jam was last month the council got in contact with us and offered to support us to do more. So we organised it as soon as we could, Got in Contact with all our awesome sponsors and local riders n got the word out. There was over 100+ riders and more than the first jam … It was such a awesome day, We are both learning a lot from holding these jams. Hyped to be able to get every one together, and have such a positive Effect on the scene in Australia. Thanks to everyone that supports BMX.

After the Jam I flew to Canberra ACT to attend in Australias biggest BMX event ” Back Bone BMX ACT JAM ” Last year I couldn’t make it because I ruptured My spleen….. This year I was stoked to make it there.
Unfortunately I rolled my ankle the day before the event. It sucks But I was lucky I was still there, surrounded around so many awesome humans…. Such a wicked weekend It makes so Grateful to be apart of a rad sport.

Now I’m Back home in Brisbane for the next month. I am feeling really good. Super Sore from constant 3 months filming and travelling, But it’s all so worth it. Im super Proud of what I have accomplished and Motivated to save some money to travel in a couple of months . I’m going to be focusing on my health and saving some travel money the next month Before I leave for USA – ENGLAND – CHINA for the rest of the year.




Canberra trip update

A bunch of the crew are in Canberra right now for ACT Jam, it’s already been a wild time as expected. Unfortunately Alex wrecked his ankle the first night but other then that dudes have been killing it. Couple shots from the adventure…






Why Not Again? jam video

We helped support another jam put on by our Alex and Boyd and from this video it looks like it was a great day. Clint, Alex and Courtenay all have clips in this…

Instagram Video feed #2

Another collection of recent clips from some of the teams Instagram accounts…

Why Not Jam video

Alex has some great footage in the video from the Why Not Jam that went down late last year. There is another jam set for this Saturday… click here for details now.Filmed and edited by Dave Pendleton

Why not again Jam

Alex and the guys are putting on another jam up in Morayfield, Brisbane after the success of the first jam. No doubt it will be a great day


Giveaway time!

Here’s something special for you guys! We are giving away a 1 off set of Alex Hiam‘s signature Sweet Tooth bars in a sample Blue colour we never released. All you have to do is subscribe to our Youtube channel via this link and we will pick a winner from our subscribers list next week. Simple as that!


Alex Hiam webisodes

Alex posted a couple webisodes this week from his day to day happenings, check them out below…

Wallpaper – Alex Hiam

Such a wild thing to see an actual tree stump in the middle of a park. We drove off the main path just for this thing and it was worth it! Click on the images below then right click to save for your desktop background.



Summer of Colony B-Sides

We had a bunch of un used clips and random footage from the SOC trip so we decided to put it all together for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the full video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

Alex Hiam webisode #3

Alex and crew head out and hit the new Bracken Ridge park in Brisbane which looks really fun. Need to get Millar out on that vert wall with the window. Check it out.

Instavids – Alex Hiam

Few recent Instagram videos from Alex

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A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

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Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys,

little update from the last month,

As soon as I got back from the Summer of Colony trip I held my own Jam called the “Why Not Jam” at a Local park in Brisbane, Kuraby Skatepark on the 23rd of January.It was the best day, thanks to All my sponsors that supplied prizes and giveaways & the local BMX stores. It was a great turn out, Way more riders than we imagined. There was 100+ riders that showed up to ride and support the cause. We did trophies for Highest Jump, Longest Jump & Rider of the day, There will be a video dropping from the day in the next week.

Straight after that I went on a road trip in my own car back to Sydney with two really good friends Boyd & Dave. Dave is from America and is staying at mine for two months. He is a really good filmer and we stacked some footage I’m really stoked on . Definitely the best stuff I have filmed so we’re gonna take our time on this project and make it a real banger. It should be done in next couple of months.

Our road trip went for a 12 days, We camped all along the coast down to Sydney, Stayed in the city for a week then camped along the way home. Was awesome to do my own trip for once, I learnt a lot !

The next month I will be working at The Village indoor Skatepark saving for my travels this year, riding everyday and continuing to film for my section with Dave. He is staying at my house for another month. I have planned to go & film in China for a month with Dave in October. And spend a couple months in USA.. So it’s all very exciting for me.




Alex Hiam update

Hey guys!!

After how much fun I had being on the road for Summer of Colony roadtrip two weeks ago I decided to go again myself in my own car. I have Boyd Hilder and Dave Pendleton with me filming. It’s been great we are currently in Sydney now and are roadtrippin back to Brisbane in a couple of days. We camped along the way but are now staying at Lewis Mills house in Sydney. We have been hitting lots of spots and skateparks here , the city is crazy!!!

Here’s some pics so far..




Summer of Colony trip video

We spent 9 days on the road around Brisbane then down the coast to Canberra hitting up a bunch of parks and anything else we could come up on. We hosted 10 jams in 9 days at local parks along the way and had a blast riding with everyone. Here’s the video from the trip and you can view a pretty large photo gallery over on the Focalpoint website.

Thanks to Chris Bracamonte for helping out with filming on this.

Kuraby Jam

This Saturday Alex is putting on a jam at Kuraby park up in Brisbane. Be sure to come out for a good session with everyone.

kuraby flyer

Alex Hiam Vlog2

The 2nd instalment from Alex and his webisodes. He visits the warehouse, has a roll at Hibiscus park then finishes the day up with a fresh new tattoo that we can all relate to…

Alex Hiam in Melbourne

Recently Alex spent a week in Melbourne and used that time to tear up some of the best transition Melbourne has to offer. Come say hi to Alex and all the crew if you are anywhere near any of the jams going down in the coming weeks.


Summer of Colony tour

This is going to be a lot of fun.

A bunch of the crew will be heading out on the road for a couple weeks between Queensland and Canberra with a bunch of stops along the way for sessions with the locals and anyone keen to trip it out.

We will be posting more info regarding times of the sessions but this will give you an idea. Be sure to come out and have a good time with all of us.


A day with Alex Hiam

A bit of a behind the scenes look into a day out riding with Alex. He spends the day with Boyd Hilder hitting up Pizzy park on the Gold Coast.

Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes and Chris Bracamonte

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Oregon trip video

Back in September Victor Salazar, Alex Hiam, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Clint Millar and Keith Treanor took a week trip up to Oregon, met up with Paddy Gross and thanks to Bracamonte we have a really good 9 minute video for you guys. Chris nailed it on this, showcasing the good vibes that great times that went down on the road. Wish I was there. Thanks to all the locals who welcomed the crew everywhere they went.

Be sure to check out latest issue (Jan/Feb) of Ride BMX which as a great feature article from the trip along with Nathan scoring the cover of the same issue.