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The crew at Focalpoint have been busy filming a full length DVD which drops in a couple of weeks. Today they’ve released the trailer and from the amount of heavy crashes in this video it’s set to be a banger. Jack Kelly has a full section in the video along with Cooper Brownlee, Polly and Alex Hiam also stacking a few clips for it. You can pre-order the DVD right here.

Yo yo !!


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Win a pair of Ultra gloves

We’ve teamed up with Alex to give away a couple pairs of Colony Ultra gloves. All you have to do is jump on Instagram, follow both Colony and Alex along with reposting the image below.

We will be giving away 2 pairs of gloves and announcing the winners in about a week.

Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller @ Vans Pro Cup

Some behind the scenes footage of Alex and Jayden riding the Vans BMX Pro cup in Manly, Australia last week.


Vans Pro Cup – Semi Finals

Although the weather haltered the semi finals yesterday, Alex, Dean and Jayden all got their runs in before the rain and they all did some clean riding. We don’t have results yet due to the rest of the semi’s being run on Sunday but make sure you get down to Manly on Sunday for a good time or if you can’t make it out then you can watch the live stream here.

Instagram Feed video

More quality clips from some of the team’s Instagram accounts…

Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos.

More from Sydney

Besides the weather it’s been a great week so far. Here are a couple images of Alex and Jayden.

Custom Sweet Tooth

Strictly BMX have built up an amazing looking Sweet Tooth custom bike. You can check out and even purchase the bike right here.

Travel Life – Brisbane BTS Video

A few weeks back I spent a week in Brisbane filming with some of the guys. Whilst doing so I shot this behind the scenes video which I think gives you a pretty good insight into the time spent hanging out with the crew. Most of the time spent was with Josh Dove, Chris Courtney and Jayden Fuller but Tom. Clint and Alex all get a show in there as well.

Also check out the Jayden Fuller video that we dropped last week which we finished filming on this Brisbane trip.

Alex Hiam video playlist

We’ve been setting up some rider playlists so it’s easy for you guys to enjoy a bunch of videos from your favourite riders. Here is the Alex Hiam’s playlist.

Vans Pro Cup registration now open

When Vans released the news last month about the bowl comp going down in Sydney at the end of Feb a lot of peopler were hyped! Myself included. Well registration for the event is open now for a week so hit this link if you want to get involved. A bunch of the team will definitely be hitting it up!

INSTAVIDS – Hiam, Parker, Faucon & Catanzariti

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Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller in Melbourne

Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller spent 4 days in Melbourne recently and we filmed this little behind the scenes video during that time. Keeping the main footage for future video projects. Hope you guys enjoy the look into the life on the road.

Alex Hiam @ Beach Burrito

Thursday night Alex was fortunate enough to get to ride the pool at Beach Burrito in Fitzroy, Melbourne for a Vans event. The pool is super tight but he adapted and came out with some great images shot by Andrew Mapstone.





Alex Hiam best of video

Someone made this compilation of a tonne of great Alex clips from the past few years. It’s pretty random to see someone re-using your clips but I am into it none the less…

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, I have been working on my ankle a lot . I am doing my own physio to save money and I think I know how to treat it pretty good aswell.. I’m learning a lot about the body and healing myself. It’s pretty interesting. I am Constantly progressing, Healing and feeling more and more stronger everyday, With my ankle and my whole body . .. I am able to do pretty much any Physical activities with out to much pain or hassle in my ankle now.. Which is very relieving and exciting. I have been climbing mountain for physio etc.

This ankle has been by far the hardest injury to recover from. I Keep thinking It’s getting better then I find another thing I have to heal . It’s just my balance i am having a hard time with at the moment. . That’s delaying the last healing process.. I am able to ride, do all my usual tricks, But not comfortably. and don’t feel like it’s time yet. I have subconsciously been putting all my weight on my left leg, ( My good foot ) During pretty much every activity i do, Including riding…. so This is delaying my Right ankle ( the one i Broke ) From fully healing and building that last bit of muscle I need to be able to have a lil fall and get back up from it… I have just figured this out this week. So it’s exciting I can start working towards balancing my weight out on both feet, and should be back to 100% soon. All the physio and exercise I have been doing my whole body and mind is ready and just waiting to push the limits again. Yoga has been a huge help to balance myself out. I am feeling really confident and refreshed on my bike so I’m super excited and have fallen more involve with riding once again!

It’s been a long road but I think it’s finally coming to a end. And I am so grateful for this Obstacle, and I have learnt a whole lot that is going to help me in the future to be on my bike for as long as possible.

Below is a day edit from the England trip hitting up the Corby park.

Alex Hiam’s new setup

Alex built up his new 21″ Sweet Tooth bike and it looks rad! Thanks to LUX for shooting the images.





The 2017 Sweet Tooth frame

Get a good look out the 2017 version of Alex‘s signature frame. More info on all the options can be found right here.

Alex Hiam’s new bike

Alex just built up a fresh new Sweet Tooth and it looks the goods! More images soon.


Alex Hiam update

Yo Guys !

During A road trip to Sanfran with Chris Bracemonte, Trent McD, Wolfgang and Aaron I unfortunately Fractured my Ankle and have to be in a cast for 4 weeks. I didn’t roll it it was just a strange angle that got it .

I had to cut my USA trip short and return home early to heal up .. The Australian Health system rocks.. So lucky to be back and being looked after my The Public Health system and finally Healing up …. I am eating super super Healthy I have even Gone Vegetarian for the next 2 weeks to heal my bones quicker. The average Calorie intake is 2500 and I’m eating 6000 calories and day to speed things up. I have been researching a lot using this time to Build my Health up.

It was My 21st Birthday flying home, So I had a nice Lunch with all my USA friends then when I arrived in AUS I had another party to celebrate with all my friends back home.

I should be walking in Two weeks! So until then I’m just kicking back, spending some time doing all the sorts of arts I enjoy, Like drawing, painting, photography and filming Landscapes. I have some stuff in the works on my time of so expect some sort of Non BMX media up from me soon.

Thanks for all the Support on and off my bike. I am so motivated to ride again and can’t stop thinking about Riding my bike.





Happy 21st birthday Alex Hiam

Today marks Alex‘s 21st birthday. I’ve known Alex for 8 or 9 years now and in that time watched him progress not only as a rider but also as a person. It’s been a great ride so far Alex and I look forward to many more years.

Below we have an edit we did with Alex when he was just 13 along with his most recent from earlier this year.

Alex Hiam from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Instavids – Jack Kelly, Alex Hiam & Jayden Fuller

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Alex Hiam update

Hope everything’s well, my phone recently got hacked so I lost everything on my phone including all my photos and vids from my recent travels to England and US open etc!!! I only have my last week worth of stuff on it now.

I have been good, a bunch of riding, have been non stop since US open finals day we left that night to go straight to another contest at Woodward. Last week I was lucky enough to be apart of Mongoose Jam Video contest held at Woodward West. 5 teams of 3 riders and 1 filmer, we had 4-5 days to film a 3 minute team video. Kevin Peraza chose me to be apart of his team along with Broc Raiford and Doeby the filmer. It was Such a awesome vibe and a great contest. Here’s what we got….

We ended up placing 3rd, the video was judged by Van Homan. So stoked to be apart of these events during my time here.

Right now we just started a Colony/ division Roadtrip from LA to SANFRAN and back for 10 days, hitting a bunch of spots and parks. Can not wait super good dudes and weather should be a good time for sure. I’ll have all photos in my next update.



Alex Hiam @ Woodward West

Alex tears it up in this video from Woodward West, the guys came a well deserved 3rd place with this banger edit.

Alex Hiam finals run at Van Doren Invitational

Bracamonte was on hand to film Alex at the Van Doren Invitational, check out this dope run…

Alex Hiam @ Van Doren Invitational

Alex has some great clips near the start of this highlights video from RIDE for the Vans bowl qualifying. Finals are tomorrow so make sure you check it out.

Alex Hiam – How to Toothpick stall

Alex Hiam linked up with RIDE BMX to help you out with your toothpick stalls. Alex gives you a run down on how they are done and then shows you a few variations to try when you’ve got them mastered.

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys,

I just got to California after spending 12 days in England. I’m here for 3 months. I wanted to say Thankyou so much for getting me out here. It’s truely a dream come true I had such a amazing time that I will never forget In England and I’m looking forward to the next 3 months In Cali.

England :
First day I had a super chill ride taking it easy and ending up having a fall and got concussed , spending the first 24 hours in hospital. It was rough. I am never riding with jetlag again. I got picked up from the hospital And drove 3 hours straight to Mongoose Jam the first weekend , met a lot of people there and had such a amazing time but unfourtunatly did not get to ride the contest. I was told I didn’t have to ride Saturday so I stayed in the hotel to rest and
Over come jetlag , then on Sunday I was feeling good to ride the Park and Street but because I wasn’t there Saturday my spot got taken. It was good to watch a contest and take it all in. I learnt a lot.

Then the second weekend I rode in Nass World contest. That was super crazy it was at a Huge music festival with kids, tents and techno music. I spent 3 days camping at the festival and riding all the contest. I competed in Dirt and park. I made it into the finals Dirt out of +40 riders and ended up placin 16th in the world finals for dirt. Pretty stoked, this was my first time riding a dirt contest so I surprised myself.

Park was what I was looking most forward to and what I am most comfortable on. The qualifiers there was 70 riders so it was Only 1 run to qualify to save time. Unfourtnaly I messed up my run and didn’t make the finals. Overall I had the best time competing at NASS I met so many cool people and learnt a lot. So looking forward to going back next year and I know what to expect.

In between the two contest I got amungst London city and rode a bunch of street. I shot these photos with Eisa Bakos for an interview in Endless Magazine ( popular UK BMX mag ) I love London the place is crazy I was in heaven riding through the streets there.

I also filmed a WEBISODE for one of the days.




Instavids – Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove

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Alex Hiam trip update

England has been a battle so far, had a crash first ride that shook me up quite a bit. Then went straight to mongoose jam. During that I have had a gnarly chest cough ( bronchitus ). I’m resting up all week to ride for NASS contest this weekend. Also shooting picutures for a interview for Endless Magazine ( popular UK BMX mag ) while I’m here.

Nass ends the 10th then I fly to USA on the 13th for vans US open invitational bowl comp with 50K purse !! So keen.