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Advert: Tom Stretton

Our advert from The Albion issue 4, Tom nosey across and up as seen in the DVD.


Advert: Zac Miner

If you have a copy of the latest 2020 then you would have seen this advert we did with Zac promoting his new frame. It was actually the wedding parties idea for the photo, they loved it.


Advert: Marnold

Marnold has the current advert in Ride doing a nice 180 railhop at the end of a line. Incase you missed it Marnold recently had a good interview over on The Union which you can read here.

Brock Olive hardway

Brock Olive has an advert in the new 2020 for his clothing sponsor Dishonour. Pegs to hardway gutter gap.

Advert: Chris Courtenay

Chris scored the back cover advert in the new issue of Focalpoint, that bank is so steep!

Chris’s signature CC Sprocket will be out in Australia at the end of October & the rest of the world soon after.

Advert: Zac Miner

Zac has the advert in the most recent issue of DIG which is out now all around the world.


Advert: Mick Bayzand

Mick Bayzand advert from RideUS recently, you would have seen the clip of this in his recent Left overs edit.

Advert – Cooper Brownlee

Cooper has the most recent advert in the current Albion mag. You can see the clip of this feble to over smith in his left overs edit that came out last week.

Yo yo!!

New splash page…

Brock Olive scores our new splash page along with our Colonial V2 Cranks.

Yo yo !!

Advert: Mick Bayzand

Here is our current print advert featured in DIG issue 82 of Mick Bayzand. Make sure you grab a copy of this issue, as always its got solid content.

Advert: Liam Zingbergs

Liam scored the double page advert in the latest 2020 with this long nose manual. Liam also has an interview in the new issue so make sure you pick it up. The clip of this nose manual can also be seen in our DVD if you haven’t got yourself a copy yet.

Advert: Zac Miner

This is the first print advert for us with the new layout featured in the current issue of RideUS which tells a bit more of a story of the photos within the advert. I am really stoked on these. Zac Miner riding Ryan Guettler’s backyard. Photos also shot by Ryan.

New splash page.

I just put up a new splash page which you can see larger here. This one features Zac Miner sliding a steep rail in Brisbane whilst dodging poles top and bottom.

Advert: Zac Miner

Zac Miner has our current print advert in the latest issue of Soul over in France. Quick story about this photo…

We went to this spot during the day but the workers there wern’t to excited about us being there and after one attempt at it we got the boot. Being a golf course we thought it would close around dark however after we checked google it didn’t shut until 11pm. So we waiting until late and missioned into town, parked the car away from the place and wheeled the generator and lights up on the filming board, lit it up and Zac got it done first or second shot from memory. I love doing missions like that.

Advert: Alex Hiam

Alex has the current advert in RideUS. Toboggan fakie at Fairfield park in Brisbane.

Advert: Pete Radivo.

If you are in Australia you have most likely already seen this advert of Pete Radivo doing a superman seatgrab air on the back of the most recent issue of Focalpoint. Well here it is for the rest of the world…

New splash page.

If you check the index page you may have noticed a new image featuring Marnold and the Variant stem. This is also the first sneak peek of the new layout style for the online and print adverts. We wanted to add more of a story to the adverts so that you get to learn a bit more about the behind the scenes especially with the DVD coming out next month.

Broc Raiford advert…

Here is our current print advert for DIG featuring our flow rider, Broc Raiford. This was shot whilst we were in the USA on a trip which was also the first time most of us met Broc.

Marnold – Albion advert.

Marnold has the latest advert which is featured in the new UK based magazine THE ALBION. Make sure you get ahold of this mag, it’s super good!

Mick Bayzand RideUS advert.

Here is our current RideUS advert that came out a couple weeks ago advertising the Teddy frame. Mick Bayzand downhill runup, over grind in LA back in September of last year…