Everyone’s favourite Tom Stetton just sent over the latest happenings up north…

“Hey guys, just wanted to tell everyone what I have been up to. At the moment I have been at home and just riding as much as I can. It’s been hard with all the partying through the holidays but I have been having so much fun on my bike.

I recently just went into the warehouse and picked up a fresh wheel set up and what I have to say is my new favorite part EVER, the 4 piece Hardy Bars. I have been riding with them for 2 days now and I can’t get enough of them. So yeah, thanks a lot as always Clint and Colony. 4 piece forever! haha.

Been riding with a lot of different people and filming a bunch for different shit which is always fun too. So expect to see some footy In the near future guys. For now an edit of Bobbie and myself is online. Was a whole bunch of fun to film so check it out if you want.

Big shout out to Lux BMX store for always rigging my bike up dialed. Follow them on Instagram @luxbmx and follow me while you’re at it haha @tom_stretton