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Michal Mycek

Michal Mycek recently got added to the Vans team in Poland. Bunch of good clips put together nicely for this edit. That ice grind to backwards man 360 was real cool. Shout out to AveBmx for the support.

Sony Xperia trip – Day 1&2

First couple days of Alex and Chris‘s adventure on the Sony tour, not a whole lot of riding but still a cool watch to see what they’ve been up too

Istvan Cailet – My Backyard

France team rider via Unleaded in France, Istvan Cailet has an amazing backyard setup and put it to good use! Filmed and Edited by Jean-Baptiste BAZZARINI

Clint Millar – Ten Clips

A few months ago Clint turned 38 years young and to celebrate he wanted to film a 10 clips on his birthday. We hit up Crestmead until it rained so we finished it off at Rideon Indoor park. More proof that Colony is 100% rider owned and run!

Zac Q&A

Over on the 2020 site Zac has a cool Q&A on his recnet trip to the USA along with some nice accompanying photos, you can read it all here. Also peep the video from the trip with Guettler

Sony Xperia trip update

Alex shot through a quick update from the first day of the Sony Xperia trip that he is on with Chris. We will keep you updated on everything that goes on but you can also keep live updates here.

Guettler Tour video teaser…

This trip looks like it was a awesome time and I can’t wait for the full video to drop on December 12!

The Guettler Tour – Teaser from Casey McPerry on Vimeo.

Advert: Dean Anderson

One of our newest team riders, Dean Anderson can ride a bowl! Flair tuck at his local. This advert was in the latest issue of Focalpoint.

Roadtrippin’ with Alex and Chris

Both Alex and Chris were invited on a pretty cool roadtrip with Sony Xperia which starts today, you can follow all the updates here.

Guettler on the road

Ryan is out in the RV right now with some crew hitting up a bunch of parks and hanging out with the locals. From what I’ve seen on his Instagram it looks like a real good trip, follow Ryan to keep updated as he is always posing up some good stuff @ryanguettler

Sunday arvo session…

I met up with Peta Shepherd, Nuke, Glennie & Jessie on Sunday arvo for a chilled roll at Woodridge skatepark & Jessie snapped a few pics, thanks mate! Nothing like a late Sunday arvo roll with good people. Summer is here in full effect people’s, take advantage of it & ride your bikes.

Yo yo !!

Ringwood Jam

Focalpoint BMX are organising a jam at the very fun Ringwood park for December the 7th, so this Friday from 6pm.

There will be some extra jibs to ride on the day as well. Should be a fun time so if you are in the area, get yourself along for a good evening of riding.

On another note, it looks like Flem Banks jam will be on the 5th of January, more info soon.

Yo yo !!

Product Highlight – Miner frame

Zac Miners signature frame has been one of our most popular frames ever and why wouldn’t it be? Zac is a beast! I can’t wait until we finish this next web video of him so you can see what he has been up to and sending himself down, check all the frame specs here. Follow Zac on Instagram @nahyouriteminer

Sam Davies-Bate

We finally got up a team page for Sam who reps Colony over in the UK, check it here. Sam is crazy, check the UK video we put out a few weeks ago for some more proof. Thanks to Joe Bailey for the main shots.