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We jumped on the bandwagon a couple weeks ago and setup a Colony Instagram for all the team to post on. Make sure you follow us @colonybmxbrand

Valvo is one busy guy

Valvo just sent through an update, he seems to travel more then anyone I know…

“This month was so busy, I was a judge at the Old School and Flow Bmx Contest then I went on a big trip to do some Dirt Demos, it was sick! 20 thousand people at the event it was really crazy.

I arrived home a week ago but I’m waiting for weather to get better, so I can get back to filming my edit.

Next week I going to a little trip with ESPN Brazil to One New Bike Shop, it will be a big Jam session at the new ramps over there, it will be fun.”

Advert: Ryan Guettler

Our latest advert in The Albion featuring Ryan Guettler and our 2012 complete bikes. The Albion has a new website so make sure you take the time to check it out as it’s really good!



Core Series: Albany Creek

Make sure to get down to the Albany Creek event tomorrow as I am sure it will be fun times.

Peta Shepherd update

Peta sent in a quick update of what she has been up to…

“I’ve just finished booking everything to go to Germany in July for the BMX Worlds. Super excited because I’ve wanted to go for so long but never had the funds. Also over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been going out filming with a good mate of my, Tritto, to make just a fun little edit. It should be out in the next week or so, so kept your eyes peeled.” Thanks to Tritto for the photo.


Alot of filming is going down right now all across Australia for up and coming projects, here are few photos courtesy of Stu Munro from up in Brisbane. Also a look at Brocks stitch job on his leg.

Advert: Marnold

This is our Latest advert in DIG featuring Marnold doing an over smith which the clip of you would’ve seen in this edit.

Dealer highlight – Bmx Mad

Another shop in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne…BMX MAD have plenty of Colony completes and parts in stock, check them out then head down the road 5 minutes and ride the pretty much herritage listed Knox Bowl.

Jam for Jayden

it’s been a year since Jayden unfortunately broke his neck in a car accident but the local crew have got together and put together another jam for him which we are supporting. From what I hear Jayden is doing well considering.

Brandon Van Dulken – Ten Clips

Brandon put in some work at the Queensborough Skatepark, New West in Canada. Some dialed lines for sure!

Filmed and edited by Shawn Duffield.

Colony 10 Clips – Brandon Van Dulken from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Attila Godi web video

Attila put together this web video at his local park, he does some creative lines in this that got me stoked! The park looks pretty fun aswell. Make sure you check it out.

Attila Godi – Chillin in the park from bmiksz on Vimeo.

More Bruno

More Bruno, although off the bike at the moment, he has some good clips in this edit for MA Clothing. The spots in this look really fun to hit.

Happy 7th birthday Colony !!

Today marks the 7th birthday for Colony as a company. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years already. I would like to thank everyones support for us over the years. It’s been quite a ride to get to where we are now & we’re looking forward to many more years to come yet.

So thanks again to all our distributors, all the shops, all of our team, all of our employees, all the magazines & all the websites that have supported us from day one. More importantly, I would like to personally thank any rider out there who has ever bought one of our products or simply been down with what we’re about. Without all you guys, we would be nothing, so thank you.

We compiled a flipbook of photos pulled from the news posts over the past six years that the website has been live, enjoy…

As a special kind of celebration we have released our first ever road trip DVD from back in 2007. ‘A Month In The Life Of’ was filmed over the span of a few weeks starting in Beenleigh, Australia with the Spinal Disorder comp then road tripping from Brisbane down to Sydney for the BMX Games. We then met up with Dave Osato & headed over to New Zealand to explore the south island before returning to the north island for the last ever X-Air comp that went down in NZ. Good times.

A Month in the Life of Colony BMX DVD 2007 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Istvan Caillet off to FISE

Our friend Istvan over in France is hitting up both the FISE and Street Station contests later this month, good luck with it all man. Istvan just put together a new Miner frame so check back for some photos of his new ride.

Bruno Faucon update

Bruno is still dealing with his hand surgery, one more month to go and he should be back on the bike. You guys may or may not know that Bruno is also a DJ and recently played at a launch party for a clothing brand called Us and Them. Good to see Bruno being productive whilst off the bike.

Dealer highlight – Yarra Valley Cycles

YVC has been stocking Colony for what seems to be forever. If you are ever in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne riding Lilydale bowl make sure you check the guys out as they are just down the road from the there.

Colony Inception 2012 complete bike

Here is a quick look at the 2012 Colony Inception complete bike which is available worldwide.

Brandon Van Dulken bike check.

Our main man in Canada Brandon Van Dulken sent thorugh a bunch of good photos of his current setup…

Frame: Colony Teddy V2, 20.5″
Fork: Colony Guardian
Bars: Colony Bull bars
Stem: Colony Variant Top Load
Grips: Colony Much room grips
Headset: Colony
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal Post
Seat: Colony Shield (Fat)
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony CC
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour
Pedals: Colony Fantastic

“One thing I’m really stoked on are the Guardian forks. The 30mm offset makes it easier to get comfortable on the front wheel tricks without it being really twitchy carving around in a bowl or riding trails. Along with the forks goes the frame. I’m really bad with breaking frames and I haven’t had a single problem since I’ve ridden the Teddy frames. No bending or cracks, nothing.”

Liam Marshall update

Liam sent us an update about what’s been happening over in New Zealand, last weekend there was a comp at Stanmore which Liam came 3rd in. Check the video for all the footage from the days happenings. Liam is currently filming for his first Colony web video so keep an eye out for that aswell.

Simon off to Redbull Circle of Balance

Simon O’Brien just hit me up & said he has been invited to the very exclusive Circle of Balance put on by Redbull. It’s set for this September in Japan, should be awesome.

Yo yo !!

Bobbie Altiser interview

Bobbie has a great interview over on BMX Union you should definitely check out. We also just put up his team page so have a suss of that here as well.

Paddy Gross checks in…

Paddy Gross checked in with a quick update on his move to the USA, read on below.

I am still dealing with adjusting myself to this country after a couple months since I moved here and everyone who has ever been to the states already knows that some things’n people are kinda weird, funny and beyond the moon haha but well i am not doing it the american way i guess with not eating fastfood and hang out watching telly all day.

I am riding my bike almost everyday and I usually start riding the legendary Burnside skatepark under the city bridge for an hour before I am heading to work. This place really became one of my favourites because it’s a challenge every time I ride it. No transition is like the other and because I’ve been riding mini ramps most of my life, this place is teaching me to ride lines and not using my brake so much, even I still have them and I always will.

The weather is getting heaps better and my mom who has had some big time health issues going on is doing super fine again and likes my colony shirts a lot (as you can see haha)

The good thing about this area is that it has skateparks and spots everywhere and I pretty much have a new place on every weekend I can go and this picture was shot by my misses who loves to join me once in a while when I go ride. Well that’s pretty much it and I hope your all happy’n healthy out there. So then, I am out, thanks for reading and have fun! Cheers, Paddy.

Yo yo !!

T-Strett for LUX BMX edit…

I really enjoyed this. Tom Stretton doing his thing for LUX BMX like only he can. Pure genius.

Yo yo !!

The latest in China

After the crazy ride into the city we hooked up with the locals and trekked around town, they showed us some cool spots and we battle dcity traffic. It’s insane the amount of people that stop and watch you ride, even security and police take an interest. Thanks to the local crew for the help around.

Alex Hiam & the 2013 Sweet Tooth

Alex Hiam has been off the radar of late but that will soon change.

His new bike shown is the new 2013 Sweet Tooth frame which will be available worldwide in July this year. The colour shown is an exclusive colour to his model frame, Matte Orange. Alex’s frame will come in 19.8″, 20.3″ & 20.6″ sizes.

Read on below as to what he has been up to of late…

Yoo! I have been injured with a broken ankle for 3 months now and fully recovered from surgery. I have been going insane not riding and finally built my new 2013 Sweet Tooth and going to start riding again 🙂 I haven’t been doing much while I’ve been injured, just Xbox, school and chilling with mates. I have had a pretty bad start to 2012 with getting real sick then breaking my hand and ankle. Now that I’m all healed and hopefully I have a injury free year ahead of me ! My main priority when I start riding again is to film another web edit! Here are some photos of when I was injured and my new Sweet Tooth.

Yo yo !!

Brock is down.

Rolling around town in Shanghai yesterday Brock took a chunk out of his leg whilst trying to film a line, 20 stitches later and he is ok, no more riding for him but atleast he is sorted. Massive thanks to Kane Wang for helping us out so much with the situation.

Guettler road trip video

Ryan Guettler did a road trip out to Woodward West recently & this is the end result… check it out. Looks like such a fun place & a good trip to boot.

Yo yo !!

Wallpaper: Brock Olive

Brock Olive, ice to bars. Download it here for standard or the much preferred widescreen here.

While you’re at it have another watch of Brock’s most recent Colony web video. In other news Brock is over in China with some of the team exploring Shanghai.

Ryan Guettler checks in…

Ryan Guettler recently was in Australia but before that he was keeping busy over in the USA. Read on below on what he has been up too…

April has been a big month I went on a Pro-tec road trip with the team to shoot photos for the catalogue and make a web edit. It was an amazing time! We drove from the Vans HQ to Phoenix rode a lot of parks and trails so it should get a good web edit out of it. As a team we had talked about doing the Phoenix BMX race after we were doing with the Pro-tec stuff so we stayed around and I tell you what it was crazy. I’ll be doing more races this year for sure so much fun. In Saturday’s race I got a 3rd place and on Sunday’s I got a 2nd.

Yo yo !!

Brandon Van Dulken

Brandon recently made the move to Vancouver city and has been taking full advantage of the move. Large 360 tuck, on some of these he was actually buzzing his face on the tyre.