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Marnold – Ringwood Lines

We filmed these clips at Marnolds local park Ringwood sometime last year but never really planned what to use them for so here is a quick edit of some solid lines.


Paul Jaques, Pete Jaques, Rhys Yeomans, Cooper Brownlee & his better half Sarah, have launched a new site last week called Modica. It’s a lifestyle and culture blog where they post up on anything they are into, it’s aimed towards Australian content but they will post all sorts of stuff from around the world, along with a bunch of original content. It seems to be going well so far… check it out here now.

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Welcome to the team – Jourdan Barba

A couple weeks ago we announced we would soon have some new team members.

Well, the first new addition is Riverside local, Jourdan Barba. After seeing Jourdan’s recent video over on Vital BMX, I was suitably impressed. So we tracked him down & after a few emails a deal was set. Jourdan was to be our newest team rider for the USA. He is working on a welcome edit as we speak & we will have a full bike check here in a few days. It’s great to have him aboard Colony & we look forward to working together over the years to come.

Photos by Jeremy Pavia.

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Tom Stretton checks in…

Tom Stretton has been busy… read on below.

Hey guys just a little update on what I’ve been up to for you all.

Over the last month or so I’ve been filming a bunch with Troy Charlesworth for an edit for Lux BMX Store which is turning out really cool. Also been filming little bit for the new 2020 DVD which is so much fun!

Have also been filming an edit with Jack Birtles which I’ve mentioned before but we dont get the chance to get out all the time for it with the weather or just different priorities. He is over in New Zealand at the moment with some of the guys, so we will get straight back into it when he gets back hopefully. Hope your having a good time over there boys!!!

Also I came into the warehouse a little while ago and Clint really hooked me up with some new stuff for my setup. Pretty psyched so I’m going to send through a little bike check in the coming weeks. You’ll see a little photo below of my new Colony Contour rims that I just powder coated a really sweet blue that I’m pretty much in love with haha. The guys at Lux set them up for me with some really cool blue spokes as well, so thanks everyone!

In other news the guys at Lux have just got a new bench lathe and have done a few cool mods to my stem top bolt. Looks so clean but I’ll explain that all in the bike check when I get it done!

Oh and add me on instagram @teabaggyballs hahaa yewwwww Anyway I’m out of here for a ride. PEACE!

Oskars Zajarskis video

Filmed during a quick session before he moved back to Latvia, Oskars Zajarskis put together this video at The Alley skatepark in the UK. Doing it for Par BMX in Latvia.

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Dealer highlight – The Push Bike Factory

The Push Bike Factory in Campbelltown, southwest of Sydney have been in BMX for a long time. They also carry our full ranges including our 2012 complete bikes, frames & our parts ranges as well. They also offer expert advice & service as well as a fully operating online store. Check them out next time you’re out that way. They have an awesome park right near them as well, so it always makes it a good reason to go out there. Go talk to Matt & Jinae, they will get you sorted.

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JoMoPro 2012 Flatland Comp

We have one again got behind the JoMoPro Flatland Comp in Missouri. This time it’s set for April 21st & you can get all the info you will need at

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Oskars Zajarskis checks in…

Oskars Zajarskis our flow rider for Latvia, is making the move back home soon after a few years over in the UK. He will also be hitting up the Simple Session soon too. Check out this cool spot he found recently.

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Canberra update

Myself and Mick are in Canberra right now filming for some web video projects. The weather has been perfect and things are flowing along pretty good.

Wallpaper: Shane Badman

We shot this a couple years back now and it ended up being used for a flatland calender, I really love this shot of Shane so I figured why not make it a desktop background? Download here for widescreen and here for standard screen size.

Chris Courtenay Pro Q&A on Vital

Chris Courtenay has a Pro Q&A over on the Vital BMX site. So if you have a question you wish to ask him, hit him up over there now by clicking here. He will answer your questions until March 14th.

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Guettler at the trails

Since Ryan has moved over to Cali he has been spending plenty of time at Sheep Hills digging & riding. He lives real close by the trails so it’s his local spot now. Photos courtesy of Uchida Takafumi.

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Does Cooper ever stop?

Cooper Brownlee is a working machine. Whether it’s on the bike, on the computer or behind the lens, he never seems to stop. Hence how the name for the Twenty Four Seven Bars came about. Cooper lives & breathes BMX. He is on his way to Canberra to ride for the long weekend right now & is still working whilst on the move. Check out his temporary office in the back of the iLoad. That’s Mick Bayzand beside him asleep as well. Updates here from their travels over the days ahead.

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Guettler advert

Ryan features in a recent advert in Ride UK for the Vans / Colony collaboration shoe package out now.

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Mandurah Games… $10K prize money?

Next weekend over in Mandurah Western Australia, there is a comp set for March 17th with a huge $10,000 prize money up for grabs for BMX.

The good crew at Freestyle Now are behind the event & we are supporting it. Park & Mini Ramp disciplines are going down, should be good times.

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Twilight Jam 2012… Athens, GA

One of my best days of riding ever was a few years ago over in Athens, GA. We rode the university there for a full day & could not get enough of the place. It was for me, the best day of street riding I had ever had and still stands as such today almost 5 years later. Check out the video below of that memorable day back in 2007 but first, we are supporting an event that happens there yearly. The Twilight BMX comp is going down on April 28th & should be a great day for all. If you’re in the area, get yourself along for the day.

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FP love…

Focalpoint have a new tee out now & here is a cool promo video for it featuring Marnold & Cooper. You can order the tees here now.

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Dream BMX Brazil road trip

Our Brazilian distributor Dream BMX, took all their team guys on a trip in Brazil & this is the teaser video for it. It looked like a lot of fun, full video out soon. Look out for a few shots of Valvo in the mix.

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Welcome to the team… Liam Marshall

Liam Marshall from New Zealand is now riding for us over there. Thanks to the guys at BMX.CO.NZ Liam will have his own bio on the site soon, so check back for that in the weeks ahead. It’s good to have you a part of the family mate.

He built up his first bike recently & here is a quick bike check with his Colony parts list…

Frame: Colony The Living
Fork: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Twenty Four Seven
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Variant
Grips: Colony Much Room
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
BB: Colony Mid
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Sprocket: Colony CC 25T
Rear tyre: Colony Agenda

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Michal Mycek in Barcelona

Our rider from Poland, Michal Mycek is over in Barcelona right now on a filming trip & he is a little teaser for what is to come from the trip.

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Brock Olive in Melbourne

Brock spent four days in Melbourne over the weekend filming with me for an upcoming web video. Besides a bit of rain everything worked out and Brock destroyed a few spots. The switch ice he is doing in the photo is on a pretty famous rail in Melbourne and it was crazy having all the kids from the school next to it chanting at Brock whilst we filmed. Here are some words from the man himself…

“Hey all just got back from Melbs Monday night from a little weekend trip to hang out and finish off a web edit me and Cooper have been working on and yeah it all went sweet, had a blast can’t wait to see what the edit turns out like. Peace.”


Broc Raiford is moving on…

It was leaked a couple times last week for those that were savy on their website news but it is official, Broc Raiford is moving on from us here at Colony.

It’s sad to see him go but it’s all on the very best of terms. Like all things in life, things do change. I personally would like to publicly thank Broc for his efforts over the past few years. We were his first sponsor & helped build his reputation & image out there in the BMX world to what it is today. It’s been amazing to have watched Broc turn into the amazing bike rider he is & I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

As Broc’s last rep for Colony, he went to the Toronto BMX Jam on the weekend & placed an impressive 8th in pro park. Congrats.

We have also done up a little farewell edit for Broc using clips he collected for his section in The Colony DVD from last year. Thanks for the good times mate.

Broc with an ET tooth hanger at the Toronto BMX Jam.

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Liam Zingbergs in Brisbane…

I picked up Liam Zingbergs from the airport here in Brisbane this arvo & he is here for a week to film with Salad for the next 2020 BMX Magazine DVD. Updates here as they happen.

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Ryan Guettler & Valvo – Ten Clips

Late last year while we were down in Adelaide for a team trip, both Ryan & Valvo filmed for this joint ten clips. The guys had a blast doing so & it shows in the riding. Both were in their element on these trails, check it out.

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Dealer spotlight: Crossley Cycles

Crossley Cycles are one of Australia’s OG BMX shops & still going strong after all these years. Over 30 years to be precise. They recently joined the 21st century & have a full blown website & online store now. The store is ever expanding with more & more products added but you can now order directly from it & pay online as well. A really cool feature they have is a pay & collect in store option. Check them out now by clicking here.

Alex Hiam also rides for Crossley’s so you know they are down with BMX & supporting riders out there. Speaking of Alex, he recently just had surgery on his leg & is on the slow road to recovery. He should be back riding in a few months all going to plan.

A slightly sedated Alex after surgery.

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Peta wins in Toronto

Peta Shepherd just sent in a quick email to say she won the girls park event in Toronto. Congrats Peta !! Now she is off to go snowboarding for a few days.

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Vans / Colony shoes on ESPN

Over on the ESPN website they have a little write up on our shoe collaboration series out now in the USA & out here in Australia in April. Check it out here now.

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Brock Olive in Melbourne

Brock has been in Melbourne the past couple of days, so far it’s been pretty productive when it’s not raining. We are filming for an up and coming Colony web video which should be solid as a rock!


Chris Courtenay putting in work…

Chris Courtenay & Troy Charlesworth have been putting some work in the last few days for an up coming edit they are both working on. I met up with them yesterday for a roll down the Gold Coast & snapped a couple shots along the way. Look out the edit in the next couple of weeks, from what I have seen so far it should be banging.

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Peta Shepherd in Canada

Peta Shepherd is over in Canada for the Toronto BMX Jam & is having a ball. She also got to meet up with Broc Raiford whilst he was at JoyRide150 as well. She sent in this quick little update, read on below…

Just a little update on my Canada trip. I’m having the best time, everyone’s really awesome over there. I’ve been riding joyride150 a lot, probably the best park I’ve ever ridden, and it’s bikes only, No scooters ever!! I had prelims yesterday for Toronto Jam and managed to qualify first. Today I got asked to enter the girls freestyle mountain bike comp, so I did. I’ve never even ridden one before, but somehow got first haha. Won $175. Pretty stoked with that. Tomorrow I have finals for BMX and maybe another MTB bike comp. – Peta.

Peta & Broc.

Peta cashed up after winning the MTB comp & 2nd place getter, Trish.

It’s snowing over there right now.

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