Zac Miner was recently bitten by a suspected White Tailed Spider which can have devastating results if not attended to quickly. Read on below for details from Zac. Get well soon mate !!

So yeah, I came home from the Colony trip, after spending a good 8 hours in pain in the car. After everyones advice I finally agreed to see the doc. I was dropped off and I was expecting to only be there for a little bit, next thing you know I’m being admitted to hospital, straight into surgery. The docs cut into my 3 bites, cutting out all the bacteria and potential venom, leaving me with these three craters on my back, arse and leg. In full recovery now after spending 4 days in hospital. I’m up in Canberra chillin with family and friends. Can’t wait to be back on the bike!!! Just greatful I actually went to hospital, ha.

Yo yo !!