We finally made it to Greenville, NC yesterday. We are experiencing pro-town USA first hand & I gotta say it’s lives up to it’s name. We rode Jaycee park yesterday which was awesome to do. I only wish I wasn’t so tired from driving all day so I could’ve had a better ride.

Today we were lucky enough to check out Ryan Nyquist’s The Unit. This place rules, period. So many good lines & such a relaxed session. I was stoked to be there for sure. Liam even learnt flairs on the box jump take off. So good to see.


Colin Mackay with THE key to The Unit.

Tonight as I write this I just lost at poker in Guettler’s personal poker room in his attic. Good times for sure.




Tomorrow hopefully we get to ride Mirra’s warehouse which will be an experience.

Yo yo !!