After one of the worst travel ventures I have ever experienced, we finally made it Orlando. What could go wrong, did go wrong, from delayed or cancelled flights to messed up car rentals to messed up hotel bookings, we got it all.

We even experienced American food at it’s worst. We all made good use (or was that bad use?) of the airline food vouchers for our cancelled flights & made pigs of ourselves. Richo & Liam had double western cheese burgers & paid for it later that night. We all felt rather ill today & I swear to never eat that much or that bad again. Richo & Liam couldn’t help themselves & are right back into it. Brave kids.

Tomorrow we head to the Dew Tour to watch, which should be cool. We will hook up with Steve Woodward & Ryan Guettler tomorrow. Ryan qualified 1st in Dirt today with a history making 1080. Can’t wait to see the that in the finals in person.





Yo yo !!