The Transformer Lever is out in most countries right now & from the reports we have been getting so far everyone loves them. Some who were shocked at the price of them have now turned around & seen the advantage that they offer to the discerning rider.



Full CNC machined quality throughout, smooth lines, half the weight of any other BMX lever on the market & no adjusting barrel to bend or break when using a straight cable. Our levers will work best with a Dragonfly dual cable system when using a gyro & you use the supplied push fit adaptor. But they also will work with Odyssey & SST normal gyro cables. Snafu dual cables do not fit well so refrain from using them with our lever.

Using the push fit adaptor with a Dragonfly dual cable.

I hope that you all like our levers as much as the people who are running them so far. Thanks in advance for everyones support for Colony throughout the world.

Yo yo !!