Hannu Cools enjoying the relaxed vibe at the Fat Jam 2007.

I went to my first ever Fat Jam yesterday in the Netherlands. It was a pretty chilled out event with some cool trails to ride & other festivities such as a beer race. Some cool riding went down & I had a good laugh watching the beer race unfold.

The bike the beer race was ran on… the latest in BMX technology.

Empty bottles from the 8.6% alcohol volume beer race.

I also enjoyed some traditional Pomme Frittes special (chips/fries with mayonaise, tomato sauce & raw onion) It tastes better than it sounds… trust me !!

I was also very stoked to finally get to see the famous Paul’s Boutique BMX shop. Paul has an amazing shop there stocked full of all the best stuff BMX has to offer. He even had quite a few new Colony items like our Transformer Lever & Official Stem, very cool to see.

Paul’s Boutique BMX shop.





Achim Kujawski with Jonas & Benson.

Overall, it was a cool day with a very relaxed vibe.

Yo yo !!